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Your Guide To Window Shutters

Window shutters are an elegant and practical addition to your home, and offer a window dressing solution that gives you the perfect balance between privacy and sleek design. Here at Direct Blinds, we are proud to supply plantation shutters that can transform the look of your home and come in a wide range of colours, too.

There are many different options when it comes to choosing window shutters, so if you’re considering them for your windows, it’s worth finding out a little about how they could work for you. Here’s our simple guide to window shutters, helping you to understand all you need to know when you’re making your decision.

Window Shutters: Our Quick Guide

Shutters are a popular option on the Continent, and this is largely due to the practicality of the design, which allows plenty of light into the home while protecting privacy. The shutters we supply are of a very high quality, and will not need replacing as curtains or blinds may. The different choices you will make about your blinds will concern the size, material and colour, as well as how the slats, or louvers, work to create different effects. For example:

  1. Full height shutters. For long, elegant windows, or even as a stylish alternative to doors within a room, full height shutters are a practical choice. You can choose any colour to fit with your décor, or opt for a timeless, plain shade that will suit any colour scheme.
  2. Solid panel shutters. Solid panel shutters may be worth considering if you desire complete privacy at certain times of day. However, it is important to be aware that these will also create darkness, which is ideal for sleeping but may restrict your options during the daytime. A more flexible solution could offer you the best of both worlds, here.
  3. Tier on tier shutters. Tier on tier shutters offer a versatile option for your windows, enabling you to open and close the top or bottom sections independently, varying the light and privacy in the room. This can provide an excellent solution when you desire darkness and complete privacy some of the time, and good light access at other times.
  4. Bespoke options. We offer an unlimited range of options at Direct Blinds, allowing us to create the perfect solution for you, regardless of the size and shape of your windows. You can select the best materials for your room and purpose, and we will consult with you to find the best louver/slat size. Our colour range is extensive, and we know you will be impressed with the variety we can create.

Are You Looking for Window Shutters In Cork?

At Direct Blinds, we stock beautiful plantation shutters, which are especially recommended as a versatile option that will last as long as your home. We also have a fantastic range of stunning blinds, from venetian blinds to roller blinds, and more. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you to make the most of your home, so contact us online or call 021 435 4959 today.

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