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Wooden Blinds For Your Home: Real or Faux?

Are you considering wooden blinds for your home? If so, you may be unsure whether to opt for real wood or faux wood, and our quick guide may help you to decide.

Many people are not aware that there is a choice, but understanding the differences between materials will help you to make the right decision for your home.

Here at Direct Blinds, we appreciate the difference that good window dressings can make, and all of the blinds we stock are available in a wide range of colours and styles. Our staff are experienced and friendly, and will always be happy to discuss the options with you and find the solution that is best for you.

Are Real Wood Blinds A Good Idea?

When making any choice about your home and decor, there are many factors to consider. Choosing between faux wood and real wood is not always straightforward, and looking at both types can help you to make comparisons and decide on the best option for your space.

Deciding on the right blinds for your windows will be easier when you think about:

1. The style. Real wood blinds are made of wood and varnished or covered with a protective finish. In contrast, faux wood blinds are of PVC composition, and are coated with a composite wood-effect finish. Some faux wood blinds are constructed entirely of vinyl, while others are made from a wood and vinyl combination, and both tend to create a more synthetic effect than the grained look of real wood.

2. The purpose. Real wood blinds are less flexible than faux wood options, and are more likely to split or warp in areas of high usage or high humidity. If you are seeking a solution for a bathroom or kitchen, real wood may not be the best choice for you. Faux wood is more pliable and sturdy, as well as being easy to clean, so is well suited to these areas.

3. Ease of maintenance. Faux wood blinds tend to be easier to clean that real wood blinds, since they can tolerate cleaning with water and certain cleaning products if they become stained. Real wood can be a good choice for areas that are in direct heat or sunlight, but they can swell in areas of high humidity, causing damage to the slats.

4. The cost. As you might expect, real wood blinds are more expensive than faux wood options. However, in areas that are dry with low humidity, they can be a very stylish and long-lasting choice. Discuss your requirements with an experienced professional and find out what would be recommended for your home.

Find Real Wood Blinds And Faux Wood Blinds In Ireland

At Direct Blinds, we have a great variety of styles and designs to suit your home and we are always on hand to help you make decisions about the best options for you. Find out how your home could be transformed when you contact us online or call 021 435 4959 today.

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