Nothing beats the natural look of real timber in the home.

Wood Venetian blinds are a fashionable way to dress your windows and will complement any décor, meaning you won’t need to change them every time you change the colour of your room.

Wood Venetian blinds will offer a warm and natural look to your windows.

You can select from a variety of size slats 25mm, 35mm, 50mm and 63mm (1”, 1 ½, 2” and 2 ½”)” and can be supplied as one blind up to 2400mm wide

Wood Venetian blinds have excellent ability to block or vary incoming light giving you complete control and works well where privacy is an important issue.

We carry a wide range of modern colours to complement the exterior of your home or your interior furnishings depending on your requirements.

Whether it is for privacy or decoration? Wood Venetian blinds will always meet your needs.

Wood Venetian blinds are suitable for homes and offices alike and are a low-cost alternative to plantation shutters.

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