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Bay windows can be a stunning feature to any home. They give a spacious feel, extra light, and a better view of the outside, while adding a little class and style too. However, although bay windows can be aesthetically appealing and are as popular as ever, some people struggle to find the right window treatments to best suit them. That’s why we have decided to focus this month’s blog on window treatments for your bay windows, to help make your decision easier and give you some of our ideas. Below are just some of our favourite window dressings for a bay window, so let’s dive straight in. 


You can never go wrong with roman blinds as a window treatment, but they will work especially well with a bay window. Their simple and elegant style add a timeless look to your bay window and are highly functional. You can get creative and match the fabric with something in your room or home, or even use various textures to complement your interior space and add to the theming of your room. 


Roller Blinds are a simple and fashionable blind for a bay window. With Roller blinds being a slender or neat blind (basically not bulky), they can be a great option for bay windows. You can select from a wide range of fabrics and textures to complement your interior furnishings and they are a great option if you want to reduce the glare on tv screens and help energy efficiency. If the darkening of a room is high on your list of priorities, then roller blinds are available with blackout backing too.


Shutters may not be the first thing that pops into your head when you think of a bay window, but they can be an excellent option you may not have considered. Shutters add a timeless look to a bay window and can be custom built to fit your window shape and size. The classic look of a shutter can compliment your bay window perfectly, as well as giving you privacy, light control, and temperature control. In the summer they can protect you against humidity, while trap the heat in the colder winter months. Shutters may just be a window treatment to consider for your bay window. 


Vertical blinds are an excellent option for a bay window, allowing you the balance of privacy as well as controlling the light entering the room. If privacy is a high priority for you, these are unquestionably a window treatment to consider. Vertical blinds look well on all types of windows and are a window treatment that never go out of style. They may be a slightly more challenging fit than other window treatments, but expert fitters such as Direct Blinds Cork can get the job done right leaving you with exactly the bay window look you wanted. 


Faux Wood Venetian blinds, made from a vinyl or PVC composite material, are an excellent fit for angular and multi-faceted bay windows. Their material makes them extremely durable, easy to clean, and look almost identical to real wood venetian blinds with their level of detail. Available in a variety of colours with different sized slats, faux wood venetian blinds are becoming very popular and sure to add a stunning look to your bay windows from inside your room as well as adding curb appeal from the outside. Choosing venetian blinds for your bay window will help free up windowsill space and create depth. They are also an excellent window treatment to control light entering the room and control privacy. 

Overall, bay windows can be a little tricky to dress because of their unusual shape and angles, but when dressed properly can really add to an inside space making it 100% worth it. There are endless options to choose from, and these are just some of our suggestions, but if you are still unsure please contact us today and book in for a free consultation. 


We can come out and visit you and give our expert opinions on what we believe will work best for your space. Direct Blinds Cork can not only offer you expert advice on all the latest trends in window fashion, but we can also help you select the perfect styles and colours that will best suit your rooms and budget.

If you are looking for the most energy efficient and beautiful window treatments possible, contact us today. We offer a free consultation, measuring and fitting service. Direct Blinds Cork knows window coverings; we have been in the window treatment business for many years. Our expertise and professionalism are second to none. Call us today on 021 435 4959 or email