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Window Blinds in Cork: Quick Fixes for Roller blinds

Roller blinds are among the most popular type of window blinds in Cork in the market today. And for good reason. They are not only aesthetically pleasing, but more importantly, are durable, easy to install and cost-efficient.

Another excellent feature of roller blinds Cork is their easy maintenance and repair. This is because virtually all the individual parts of this type of window treatment can replaced once worn out or damaged, and are readily available at your nearest hardware or home furnishing depot.

Thus, if you encounter problems with this particular type of window blinds in Cork, worry no more. All you need is your trusty old toolbox and you’re ready to do those repairs. Just keep in mind that doing such fixes takes a certain amount of patience and a practical sense of how things work.

As we’ve mentioned before, roller blinds Cork are known for their durability and requires minimal maintenance. But, as they say, it’s better to be prepared.

Below are some of the common problems encountered with spring-assisted roller blinds and their corresponding fixes. So roll up those sleeves and enjoy making those repairs!

If the roller blinds will not raise…

• First, detach the window shades from the mounting brackets.
• Then, using a set of pliers, turn the flat pin at the side with the spring until you feel that there is increased tension.
• Finally, re-attach the roller blinds to the brackets and test if they now raise smoothly.

If the roller blinds roll up too slowly…
• First, lower the blinds.
• Next, detach the roller blinds from the brackets.
• Afterward, roll the shade half way across using your hand.
• Then, re-install the window shades to the brackets.
• Finally, test the blinds if they are now working properly and if not, repeat the process.

If the roller blinds roll up too fast…
• First, raise the blinds.
• Next, remove the blinds from the mounting brackets.
• Afterward, roll shade half way down by hand.
• Then, re-install the window shades to their brackets.
• Finally, test and repeat the above as necessary until the blinds roll up normally.

If the roller blinds won’t lock Into position…
• First, roll-up up the blinds.
• Then, detach the blinds from the brackets.
• Next, remove any dust or dirt from the pawl (This is the small arm that engages the ratchet teeth) by using either compressed air or a toothpick.
• Afterward, lubricate the pawl with graphite or WD-40.
• Finally, re-attach the window shades to their brackets and test if the blinds now lock into position.

As you can see, it is not that difficult to repair window blinds in Cork.

So why don’t you order blinds online now?

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