Regardless of the specific repair or repairs that need to be done on any particular type of blind, it is important to have the necessary work done sooner rather than later. This will help to keep the blinds from becoming further damaged, which can cost homeowners more money down the road or ultimately require complete replacement instead.

Roller blinds

In general, smaller repairs such as springs and chains on roller blinds are worth it because they often do not cost much more than 10.00 Euro when brought to our workshop. Equally when having the soiled fabric on the bottom of roller blind trimmed or the fabric itself reversed, money can be saved by bringing the blind to our work shop.

Wood / metal venetian blinds

This type of repair may involve, replacing broken or bent blind slats with new ones, re-cording worn cords that lift the slats or replacing the ladder cord section that holds the slats in place. Another common repair is the replacement of the tilt mechanism, which opens and closes the slats.

While all blinds can have the lift cord or ladder cord replaced, other repairs depend on the availability of matching parts / slats. Once again money can be saved by bringing the blind to our work shop.

Vertical blinds

This type of repair may involve supplying new fabric vanes to complement existing rails (new weights and chains are FOC when replacing the vanes). The re-cording of existing head rails. Replacing broken bottom weights and chain. As with all repairs money can be saved by bringing the blind to our work shop.

Of course, depending on the type of blinds and the repair that is necessary, it may actually be more cost effective for homeowners to simply replace the existing blinds rather than having them repaired. The best way to figure out which option is best is to contact us and give us details on what type of blind you have and what type of repair is required.