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Why plantation shutters are the right choice for your home

Plantation shutters are window treatments with wide horizontal slats called louvers, that are mounted in a frame. They became popular with 18th Century American southern plantations but are now popular worldwide. 

They look more like a built-in feature than standard vinyl blinds and come in an array of colours or natural wood to match your interior and exterior colour schemes. They also add an elegant architectural detail to any room.

Shutters are durable

The slats are usually 3-4.5inches wide and stronger and more durable than vertical vinyl blinds, which are very flexible and can break easily. The larger the slats, the more light they will let in when they are open and make it easier to look outside.

They can be made out of wood, composite, or vinyl. Wood is the most common and strongest material, but also the most expensive of the three. Composite and vinyl can be a more affordable option. They are both more resistant to humidity, unlike wood, but usually made out of lighter materials.


  • Affordable option
  • Usually have aluminum or PVC supports for stability
  • Humidity and weather resistant


  • Also called engineered wood, faux wood, or fake wood
  • More durable and sturdy than vinyl
  • Weather and humidity resistant
  • More affordable than wood


  • Highest quality
  • Classic, traditional style
  • Can be stained or painted
  • Offers the best privacy and energy savings

Energy Savings

One of the best features is that they save money on your home energy bills. Their heavy louvers block out heat in the summer to help your house stay cooler. They can also help your house stay warmer during the night. They are also great at blocking out sunlight, which means you can sleep in longer in the mornings.

Easy to clean

Their solid structure makes them super durable as well as easy to clean. All you have to do is wipe them down with a cloth and clean them occasionally with furniture polish. You can also check with the manufacturer on how to best clean their products.

Pets love shutters!

They are a pet-friendly option, even if your cat and dog likes trying to look out the window when the shutters are closed. They are very durable and will hold up better over time compared to other types of blinds.

Privacy and noise

They are one of the most effective ways to reduce external noise levels from coming into your house that curtains or blinds wouldn’t be able to stop. They also offer you the added benefit of privacy. You can shut them all the way to give yourself complete privacy, or adjust them at the right angle to make it harder for people to see in, but allow you to still look outside.

Shutters offer great value

Plantation shutters remain with the home if you decide to sell your house and are popular with almost every buyer. In fact, they are a very highly sought after home feature. Plantation shutters can also increase the value of your home once they are installed. They are an investment but will pay for themselves in energy savings and resale value.

Where to use shutters

They look great in bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms but can be used in any room of your house. One good rule of thumb is to use them in every window of the room you want to add them too. Also, if you are adding them to a room in the front of your house, you might want to consider adding the other rooms in the front to make the windows look more uniform and balanced from the outside.

Besides window fixtures, you could also use plantation shutters as doors and room dividers. That way you could block out light and sound, but still have the option to open the shutters if you want to see through them.

Why plantation shutters are right for you

Overall, Plantation Shutters are a great choice to consider when furnishing your home. They will save you money on energy bills, block out light and noise, are easy to clean, and very pet friendly.

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