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When To Replace Your Blinds

Most people replace their blinds when they are redesigning a room and changing the décor, or when the blinds have become damaged or worn out. Knowing the signs to look for when your blinds are past their best can help you to plan ahead and ensure that you replace your blinds before they become unusable and cause you frustrations.

Here at Direct Blinds, we have a wide range of blinds and shutters to complement every décor and suit every lifestyle. From timeless plantation shutters to wipe clean PVC roller blinds, we can find a stylish and practical option for every space when you talk to us about what you want in your home.

Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Blinds

  1. Damaged cords. The cords are integral to your blinds, ensuring that they function correctly and look good. If a cord is damaged, it may impair the use of the blinds or even become dangerous: cords should always be checked to ensure there is no loop that could cause a problem for animals or children. Frayed or broken cords may make a blind impossible to use as well as creating a hazard, so this is a sign you must be aware of.
  2. Damaged slats. If you have a venetian blind, the slats work together to create an attractive and practical window covering. If the slats are damaged, through improper use or high temperatures in the room, for example, the blinds will not work properly. Slats may become bent or warped, which will impair the way they function, so you will need to replace individual slats or the whole blind.
  3. Broken mechanisms. You may have noticed that your blinds are not working as well as they were, closing less efficiently or failing to block the light. It is possible to re-cord a blind, but this is often very difficult and costly, so it is usually easier to replace the blind if you are noticing problems such as gaps in the slats, loose components or glare.
  4. Damage to the fabric. Blinds are usually used to block out light and retain heat in a room. If the blind is damaged, these functions will be impaired and you will see deterioration over time. Discolouration of fabric is a normal effect of the aging process for a blind or window covering, but can easily make a blind look tired and impact upon the interior design of your home

Visit Direct Blinds for Roller Blinds and Venetian Blinds in Cork

When you’re looking for new blinds or replacing your existing window dressings, we can help you to find the perfect solution for any area of your home or office. Here at Direct Blinds, we know our stock and we only sell products we are confident in recommending to you, so you know you’ll be getting excellent quality and style.

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