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What Colour Did You Choose For Your Home?

Planning your colour scheme is an exciting part of decorating your home, and whether you’re moving into a new home or re-decorating a room that looks tired, you’ll want to consider your options carefully. The colours you choose can say a lot about you and your lifestyle, and it’s worth taking your time to find the perfect colours for each part of your home.

The good news is that whatever colour scheme you opt for, we have blinds to match or compliment your décor. With a great range of venetian blinds, roller blinds and roman blinds that come in an almost unlimited choice of colours, we’ll be happy to help put the finishing touch to your rooms at Direct Blinds.

What Does The Colour Of Your Home Say About You?

  1. Red. If you’ve chosen a bright, attention-grabbing shade of red, you may just be demonstrating your outgoing nature to the world. If you’ve picked red, you probably love to make the most of every day and experience life to the full, so you’ll love the excitement invoked by bright statement walls that can raise your heart rate when you look at them!
  2. Yellow. Yellow is the perfect choice for a sunny personality, and gives off a creative, friendly vibe. Studies suggests that it may be able to lift the spirits by causing the release of serotonin, so it’s the perfect choice to give your room a boost of positivity and help to lower stress.
  3. Green. Green reflects the natural world, and can be a great colour for bringing a calm energy into the home. According to the experts, green is an indication of a generous soul, and may suggest that wealth is never far from this home.
  4. Blue. There are many different shades of blue, but studies suggest that those drawn to blues may have a deep need for trust and peace in their daily lives, and that sensitive individuals may choose this colour more often. Painting a room blue could also increase your productivity, since it is a calming colour.
  5. White. If you’re designing a white room, you’re probably fond of the minimalist style that makes the most of a calm and tidy space. Experts love white as they see it as a blank canvas that allows space for your creativity to shine through. Fans of white schemes may be self assured and confident in themselves, and tend to have orderly minds.

Find A Great Range of Window Blinds in Ireland

Direct Blinds offers a wide range of blinds, including roller blindsvertical blinds, wood venetian blinds and more. Our friendly team will be delighted to give you a free consultation, with no obligation to buy, and we’ll always be happy to advise you on the best blinds for your needs.

All our blinds meet new child safety standards, and some of our blinds are designed to retain heat, saving you money on your energy bills, too. Simply contact us online or call 021 435 4959 today.

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