A Vertical Blind is suitable for large spaces and sliding doors.  It is a popular choice because it gives the space a modernist look.  Vertical blinds are also easy to control and quite lightweight.  They feature vertical rotating slats and are also referred to as track blinds because the louvers rotate back and forth along a track.

There are two ways of operating a vertical blind i.e.  chain or wand operated.  Wand operated vertical blinds are safer for children as they have no cord or chain loop in its operation.

Chain operated vertical blinds can be a potential risk to young children so these need to be fitted with our custom safety devices. To compliment this, the cord and chain should also be made shorter, so that they are out of reach for children.

Existing vertical blinds, which are chain operated, can be made safe by reducing the length of the chain and cord and fitting safety devices. Another potential risk is the bottom chain at the end of the louvers, we recommend that this chain is removed where young kids are present.

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