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Treat Yourself to a Beautiful Bedroom This Autumn

The evenings are beginning to get darker, and many of us are heading home from the beach and thinking about preparing our homes for the autumn and winter. At Direct Blinds, we’re focusing on our bedrooms, knowing that getting good quality sleep will make all the difference to our moods and energy levels throughout the coming seasons.

The environment you are sleeping in can have a huge effect on how easy you find it to fall asleep and how long you can stay asleep once you’ve drifted off. Our wide range of blinds could add a relaxing touch to your bedroom, helping you to create a calm, quiet space, and our blackout blinds could be just the thing you need for the perfect sleep atmosphere.

How to Get Your Bedroom Ready for Sleep

  1. Focus on light. Now that the nights are longer, the light may not wake you up so early in mornings, but a dark environment is much better for your body and even the light from streetlights and cars outside can cause your sleep to be disturbed. A blackout blind can eliminate light completely, which means that your body can rest completely overnight, making the most of the environment it needs to restore and recover.
  2. Check the temperature. If you’re too hot or too cold, it’ll be difficult to get to sleep and you may wake up uncomfortable in the night. Maintaining a room temperature of around 17 degrees is ideal for healthy sleeping, and ensuring that you have some fresh air flowing in the room can also be a very good idea for an optimum sleeping environment.
  3. Keep it quiet. Some blackout blinds are designed to absorb noise and keep your internal environment quieter and calmer – an ideal state for a bedroom. Choose a blind in a thick, effective fabric to absorb the sound of traffic or people outside, and talk to our staff at Direct Blinds to ensure you make the right choice.
  4. Create a relaxing atmosphere. Your bedroom should be a haven of peace and tranquility that encourages you to fall easily into a deep, restorative sleep. Try removing all technology from the bedroom, and focus on what makes you feel calm: if you love candles, soft throws and low lighting, indulge yourself and create the perfect space to retreat into.

Find Great Quality Roller Blinds and Blackout Blinds in Cork

If you’re redesigning your bedroom, consider the importance of the window dressings you choose, which can help to keep light out and to regulate temperature and noise in the room. Direct Blinds recommends the BlocOut roller blind, which can revolutionise your sleeping environment.

Whatever you’re looking for, we have an extensive range of wooden  venetian blindsroman blinds and more, and our friendly team will be happy to help you to find a solution for every room in the house! Simply contact us online or call 021 435 4959 today.

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