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Top Tips For Home Insulation This Winter

It’s cold outside! There’s no need to feel the chill this winter, though, because we’ve got some great tips to help keep your home warmer. Whether you’re trying to save money on your heating bills, or you simply want to ensure that your family stays snug, here are some simple ideas to reduce heat loss in your home and ensure that it’s warm and cosy this season.

Here at Direct Blinds, we recommend our beautiful and good quality blinds, many of which are designed to reduce your energy bills by keeping the heat in. We can help you to choose the right style and design for every room in your house, making your window solutions individual and stylish as well as practical.

How To Keep Your Home Warm:

  1. Lay carpets. Carpets are a much warmer option for flooring than bare boards, and if you make sure that you choose a thick, insulating underlay, you’ll minimize heat loss through the floor and help to keep your home cosy and warm. Putting rugs down can help to retain heat if you do have floorboards in your home, so these can be a good way to focus warmth where you need it most
  2. Get double-glazing. Modern homes will usually be finished with double glazed windows, but if you live in an older property that does not have double-glazing, you’re sure to be losing a lot of heat this way. Double-glazing may seem expensive, but the savings on your electricity bills and the difference you’ll feel immediately will make the cost bearable!
  3. Fit blinds. Blinds are an excellent way to reduce heat loss in the home, and we recommend BlocOut roller blinds which have been designed to address heat loss and save you around 25% on your heating bills. With a great range of fabrics and colours that can complement any décor, this is a cost effective and reliable way to keep your home warm.
  4. Use draft excluders. Draft excluders might seem like an old fashioned choice, but they can make a big difference to the comfort of a room by cutting out persistent drafts in problem areas such as under doors. Make your own or find a beautiful homemade option online if you’re worried about compromising on style.
  5. Loft insulation. Loft insulation is often rated as the most effective way to reduce heat loss in your home. Check the legal requirements for insulation and see if your home meets the minimum, and then add more for extra warmth and heat retention. You can contact a loft insulation specialist for advice, or add insulation yourself by using thick layers of insulating material, which is available from DIY stores.

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We can show you what a difference our blinds can make, and you’ll love our impressive range of roller blinds, venetian blinds and more. Here at Direct Blinds, we pride ourselves on our knowledge about all our products, and we believe that our window blinds will give your house a fabulous facelift.

Our experienced and friendly team will be happy to help you with your order at any time. Simply contact us online or call 021 435 4959 today.

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