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The latest in Window Blind trends for 2019

When thinking about our homes, it’s essential to focus on every single furniture element; both from an aesthetic and practical point of view.

Here, we will talk about this year’s design trends for blinds – the styles, the fabrics and the latest innovations. Some of these trends will always be ‘fashionable’, whereas others can actually revolutionise your home.

Venetian blinds 

They are the best solution for anyone who likes the practicality and functionality of a classic product revised in a modern way. The traditional Venetian blind allows the regulation of lighting in an environment with precision and simplicity.

However, if you want to reach the best possible living comfort, you should choose Venetian blinds for inside double glazing. This model doesn’t have rivals on the market, it’s highly innovative and offers excellent quality and durability over time.

It presents all the advantages of conventional blinds mixed with modern technologies that enables its movements, guaranteeing different levels of solar shielding.

Panel track blinds

Move over vertical blinds, a newer and sleeker version has come to take your place. Panel track blinds are now your best answer for large and small windows alike. When fully opened, the individual panels tightly stack together to give you the most sunlight possible. When you close them, you can enjoy all the rich textures and fabrics that they come in.

Not only do gliding panels look amazing as window treatments, but they can also be used as a unique and stylish room divider. You can choose either a cord, wand, or motorised styles to open and close your panels. They also have the option of a centre as well as side-to-side opening.

Organic is in

Organic is hot this season in every area of your home and window treatments are no exception. That is why wood is still a popular option for blinds. Wooden blinds will give your room a classic look that will last and be in style for years to come.

If you want the look of natural wood without the worry of fading, yellowing, warping, or bowing in your bathroom, kitchen, or in a room that has full sun – then take a look at the realistic faux wood alternatives available today. Many blinds offer the classic look of wood with the worry-free maintenance of a man-made material.

The new neutrals

This season, you will be seeing a shift from the traditional neutral shades of white and beige to the deeper neutral shades of charcoal and slate grey. These darker shades still go great with any décor, but they give a much more sophisticated look to your room.

Greys beautifully define any window, while complementing any pops of colour you may add to your decor. Greys will also work well with trim colours on your window frames and other mouldings in your room.

Layering blinds

Add a perfect finishing touch to your blinds with a sophisticated valance, cornice, swag or cascade. You can choose a more subtle effect like the understated valance, or you can go for a more dramatic effect like the cascading scarf swag. The gentle folds of fabric draped along the top and sides of your window treatment will give your blind a soft, waterfall feeling.

Mix it all up

To really make a design statement this year, combine more than one of the latest trends. Choosing modern panel track or Venetian blinds in an organic material and then layering them with co-ordinating curtains will give you that extra wow factor that you are looking for.

Direct Blinds Cork

Looking to replace your old window treatments with the latest window blinds trends of 2019?  Direct Blinds Cork can not only offer you expert advice on all of the latest trends in window fashion, but they can also help you select the perfect styles and colours that will best suit your rooms and budget.

If you are looking for the most energy efficient and beautiful window treatments possible, contact us today. Direct Blinds Cork knows window coverings; we have been in the window treatment business for many years. Our expertise and professionalism are second to none.

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