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The Do’s and Dont’s when choosing your Window Treatment

Here at Direct Blinds Cork, we like to think that window treatments are the jackets of the interior design world. Often, they can be the final thing people add to a room, but there’s no doubt that just like a jacket with an outfit, window treatments can help dress a room up or dress a room down. Just like a smart blazer can add that little but of sophistication to an outfit, or a jean jacket can make a cocktail dress the perfect casual look, choosing the right window blinds and window treatments can add elegance, style, class or whatever look you are going for depending on the window treatments you choose. 

Now, I did say that window treatments are often the final thing people add to a room, but that’s not to say you should wait until then to consider what window treatments are right for you. You’d build an outfit around your favourite jacket, right? Well, why not do exactly that with your window treatments. 

Remember, window treatments, do not only accentuate the décor and style of a room, but they also have vital functions such as heat and light control as well as privacy among others. However, there are definitely some do’s and don’ts to follow when choosing your window treatment, and we have decided to put just some together in this blog for you. 


There’s a difference between good and great window treatments. Sure, you can add style to a space with good window treatments, but great window treatments can become an integral feature of your home. The lesser quality blind options can break easily and discolour quickly, detracting from the overall look of your room. We advise not to skimp on quality with blinds. It will add value to your home and be well worth it in the long run. 


Different rooms in your home will suit different window treatments. Take for example what works perfectly in your living room, isn’t necessarily going to suit your kitchen. You need to look at what the space is going to be used for and the styling and ambiance you want to create. You don’t need to go for a one size fits all approach and decorate every room in the house with the same window treatments. Variety is the spice of life. Don’t be afraid to go for different window treatments in each room. It can add a lively feel to your home and be more economical. One thing to make sure you do consider however is curb appeal. You may want to stick with the same style window treatments with the rooms to the front of your home, just to keep a uniform look.


Never pair patterned curtains with patterned blinds. It can make a room seem small, dull and unappealing. Prints usually go well with a solid colour background, ideally a colour that’s in contrast to the print to really get that wow factor. 


There are a wide variety of window blind styles, sizes and materials. When choosing the right window blind for you, make sure you take everything into consideration and choose wisely. You need to decide what levels of light you want in the room, how much privacy you’d like and the right colour and fabric to suit your décor or theming. 


Your home should be a place where your children are safe and protected, but there is a hidden danger in many Irish homes. It’s important to keep child safety in mind if you have little ones around the house. All our blinds are installed with child safety in mind, but you should also avoid floor length curtains in nurseries and their bedrooms and give a consideration to child safety before deciding on the best window treatments for you.


The right window treatment can really make a room feel extra cosy. Sheer, textured and blackout blinds are just some choices which can make your room feel extra cosy. If you want to make a room have that cosy feel, make sure you consider how your window treatments can contribute to this.


I think this one goes without saying, but don’t under-estimate the importance of measuring correctly. You would be surprised how many people go wrong with this. Too big and the blind obviously isn’t going to fit, and too small will allow in extra light. Here at Direct Blinds Cork, we offer a free consultation, measuring and fitting service to make sure your blinds are just right for you. 


It may be something a lot of people don’t consider, but choosing the right curtain pole can make a big difference to your windows. Choose a curtain pole that complements both your curtains and blinds in terms of colour and style. You might want to add some bling with a silver or gold curtain pole, or maybe a more matte finish to keep your window blinds or curtain the feature. 


Looking to replace your old window treatments with the latest window blinds trends?  Direct Blinds Cork can not only offer you expert advice on all the latest trends in window fashion, but they can also help you select the perfect styles and colours that will best suit your rooms and budget.

If you are looking for the most energy efficient and beautiful window treatments possible, contact us today. We offer a free consultation, measuring and fitting service. Direct Blinds Cork knows window coverings; we have been in the window treatment business for many years. Our expertise and professionalism are second to none. Call us today on 021 435 4959 or email