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The benefits of using window blinds in the Summer

The benefits of using window blinds in the Summer

Blocking heat is the main reason for using window blinds in the Summer. “Ah, but we don’t get the extreme heat here in Ireland!” I hear you cry. Well, just look at the sweltering we all got in 2018 and if the long range forecasters are to be believed, we are in for warmer summers going forward, thanks to climate change.

Air conditioning isn’t really a viable option, as we don’t get sustained periods of heat, it can be expensive, and cause quite the environmental load too.

As sustainable cooling options are becoming more popular, many are turning to window fixtures as an eco and budget-friendly way to block the heat. There are all sorts of blinds, shutters and other fixtures that provide effective cooling for homes and businesses.

Which blinds for summer?

Blinds of all kinds are great at blocking out the sun from any room they are featured in. Their functionality is ideal for either partially or fully decreasing natural light in bedrooms, living rooms, businesses, and the like.

Blinds come in a range of fabric, vinyl, faux wood and timber options, some thicker and more opaque than others. Most blinds are custom made to fit your exact window measurements and different types are available, depending on how much light and insulation you are after.

Roller blinds

Here are a few of the advantages that roller blinds provide:

  • UV light blockage – Blackout roller blinds are usually equipped with UV light resistance to keep the harmful rays out of your property. This means increased comfort and wellbeing while in your home or business.
  • Reduced glare – Do you suffer from screen glare when you watch TV or use the computer? Blinds can limit this problem thanks to the special fabrics they use.
  • Range of fabrics – Roller blinds come in moisture-wicking and washable varieties. They can be printed or solid, and come in a variety of textures, colours and patterns.
  • Customisable – Where you live and how much light you would like to block will affect which types of blinds are preferable for you. For slightly less intense solar blockage, opt for translucent roller blinds that allow more sun through. For ultimate coverage, double roller blinds are ideal, as they are strong enough to use both day and night. You can also combine a roller blind with a light filtering blind for extra personalisation.
  • Save money – Roller blinds are an inexpensive window covering option, saving you money straight away. However, they can also pad your wallet later on down the road by decreasing the amount you have to spend on interior cooling.
  • Don’t trap heat – Not only do roller blinds keep the heat from entering your living space, but they actually deflect it, which keeps the blinds themselves cool. The lighter the colour of your blinds and the more premium their fabric is, the less likely they are to attract solar rays.

Plantation Shutters 

  • Let in fresh air – Plantation shutters are ideal for enjoying the summer weather because they allow air to flow into the home. With larger than normal slats, plantation shutters are built to maximise airflow.
  • Privacy – Shutters are perfect for allowing a great view of the outside (especially with the wider 3.5inch slat) while preventing fading and the damaging effects of sunlight on fabrics and furnishings.

If your home is in need of elegant new window shades, head over to Direct Blinds Cork today. Their experts will get to know you and your home’s needs before finding a custom solution for you. Don’t let the nice weather pass you by. Get your blinds or shutters today so you can enjoy the upcoming season to the fullest.

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