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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Vinyl Window Blinds in Cork

Window blinds in Cork are among the most popular window treatments used by a lot of homes worldwide. And among the types of window blinds, the vinyl variant could be the most widely-used especially that you could see them hanging everywhere. Well, this could be attributed to the fact that they are not only convenient to use but also affordable.

But like the other kinds of window coverings, vinyl-made window blinds likewise have their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is up to you to weigh these things out should you decide to opt for their installation in your home.

Read on to have some ideas on why vinyl window blinds in Cork are advantageous or not depending on your requirements.


1. Easy on your pocket. This could be the most practical and obvious reason why this particular type of window blinds in Cork is a good option for your abode. In fact, this is very thing we have pointed out at the start of this article. With vinyl window blinds, your objective of beautifying your panes (or even the doors leading to your patio or garden) can be achieved even with just a limited budget.

2. Almost no-sweat cleaning. When you are considering something for your home, one of the many considerations that you think of is how to maintain it, especially if you are so busy attending to a number of concerns. Cleaning vinyl blinds is just easy. By just putting enough water with soap to your bath tub (or a big basin if you do not have a bath tub), you can already remove the dirt from your window treatment with the help of a soft brush or cloth.

3. Light to carry and install. If you are a woman and not that strong enough to carry anything heavy, the vinyl-made blinds would not give you any problems at all when it comes weight. After all, they are made of vinyl, a light-weight plastic.


1. Not that sturdy. Since they are thin and light, vinyl window blinds in Cork may bend easily. Actually, this is the common feedback about this type of window covering.

2. Possible lead content contamination. Since vinyl is plastic, you have to be careful that they might just content lead which is hazardous to health, especially to young children. You can test it for lead through a testing kit which you can buy from a hardware shop nearby.

3. Not so many available colors. This could be among the most common negative feedbacks vinyl blinds get. So before ordering a set, check with your supplier first if they have your preferred shade or hue.
At this point, why don’t you start to order blinds online? By the way, apart from the vinyl-made, window blinds are also available in faux and natural wood, aluminum, fabric, and bamboo.

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