When ordering your roller blinds, you can choose from three different operating methods, motorized, spring or chain operated. Motorized and Spring operated blinds have no cord or chain loops, which makes them completely safe.

Chain operated blinds have an inherent danger but can be made safe using our custom fitted safety devices. This device eliminates the free hanging chain loop and makes it safer around young children.

Existing blinds, which are chain operated, can be made safe by reducing the length of chain and fitting safety devices or converting to spring operated. (Contact us for details)

Read below on how to choose the best roller blinds for your home or office.

While thinking about how to dress up all your windows at home, someone is suggesting that you use roller blinds cork. However, you don’t have any idea as to which among the available designs and colours are best for your home.

The use of roller blinds cork in beautifying windows has now become a popular choice especially that it is affordable and easy to install. And with the wide range of designs and colours that are being offered by a number of providers, you can definitely find the perfect set or sets for your home.

When you check on the available window blinds in Cork, you will be offered with an array of choices. Nonetheless, you cannot just pick the sets that please your eyes since you have to consider a number of things, and among these are the following:

1. Observe colour complements. Examine the motif of each area of your home where you want to install the rolling blinds cork. Yes, you have to consider the interiors of your home. With that being said, you have to check the colours and designs of all rooms of your home, particularly the walls and ceiling, for you not to end up messing their looks by picking the non-complementing hues of roller blinds cork. Always remember this: the colours of your roller blinds cork should match with the general motif of your rooms.

2. Check furniture and furnishings. Try to look around the room where you want to find those roller blinds cork hanging. Check the colours and designs of your furniture and furnishings in order to have a basis on what shades of roller blinds cork you must purchase to match your existing furniture and furnishing fixtures. Always remember this: everything in the interiors must be consistent.

3. Examine fabric and other components. Window blinds in Cork actually comes in different materials, depending on what your potential provider offers. The kinds of materials used must also help you out in selecting the perfect blinds for your home.

4. Know the purpose. Another important thing to consider in choosing the best roller blinds cork is the purpose of installing it. If you want that enough light could still pass through your windows, you may request your potential provider to use sheer fabric. But if you want to block the light, you may opt for opaque fabric.

5. Consider the price. With the presence of so many competitors, some suppliers tend to offer lower rates as compared to others. Therefore, if you think that the first quoted price for you is too high, check with other possible suppliers. Just make sure, though, that their rates are reasonable enough for the quality of materials and craftsmanship of your chosen roller blinds cork. Always remember this: every centavo spent must be worth the product. Yes, we are talking about value for money here.

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