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Restyle your Bedroom with New Window Blinds

Everyone wants their bedroom to be a sleep haven, but did you ever consider the impact your window blinds have on making this a reality? Choosing the right bedroom window blinds can transform your bedroom to be everything you want it to be and more. 

But, before we go into the different options we’d recommend for your bedroom, there are a couple of things you need to consider in advance of your selection. Answering these questions can help narrow down your options very quickly and help you get the perfect window blinds to suit your bedroom and help create the perfect ambiance for a good night’s sleep. So, what is it you need to consider:

  • Light – How well do you want the blinds to block light? Do you prefer to sleep in a very dark bedroom or not?
  • Noise – Is noise reduction something that you would benefit from or not?
  • Temperature – Have you requirements in your bedroom in relation to temperature control? Does your bedroom get exceptionally warm or cold at certain times of the year?
  • Glare – Glare may be an issue in bedrooms with TV’s. If you like to watch TV in your bedroom and do you need to control the glare?
  • Furniture Fading – Is there a possibility of the sun fading your furnishings and if so is this a concern to you?
  • Privacy – A bedroom is always a room where privacy is important, so you need to assess if a neighbour or passer-by can look in?
  • Views – On the reverse side of this, you may have spectacular views out your bedroom window. You need to consider how well you want to preserve your view to the outside.

The following are all terrific options we would recommend for bedrooms, but just make sure you keep your priorities in mind from the questions above to see what the best option is for you. 


Variety is the spice of life with pleated blinds. They not only come in a wide variety of colours to choose from but many different add on options too. In terms of functionality, pleated blinds provide you with excellent control of light, shade and privacy with the capabilities to add a privacy or blackout liner to the fabric you choose. They are also excellent if temperature control is a high priority as they shield the room and its furniture against harsh summer sunlight. Pleated blinds are available with fabrics that deflect the sun’s heat and insulate your house against cold and drafts in the winter so you can sleep comfortably all night long. 


Roller Blinds are a simple and fashionable blind for a bedroom. You can select from a wide range of fabrics and textures to complement your interior furnishings. They are a great option if you want to reduce the glare on tv screens and help energy efficiency. If the darkening of a room is high on your list of priorities from the questions above, then roller blinds are available with blackout backing. 


If you want the look of drapery with the functionality of a blind, then roman blinds are the way to go for your bedroom. They look fantastic and when compared to the price of traditional made to measure curtains, they are tremendous value. The soft rich and elegant look of Roman Blinds can add a real calming and relaxing cosy feel to your bedroom. For even more privacy or to darken your room, your roman shade can be enhanced with a blackout liner. These liners greatly diminish the amount of light allowed into the room, making them a great choice for bedrooms.


Plantation Shutters are as timeless as they are beautiful and an alternative option for a bedroom. They will last as long as your home and never go out of style. Plantation shutters are usually selected because of their durability, classic style and maintainability. They are often thought of as furniture for your window and say much about the owner without saying anything at all. Aside from being a design element, decorative shutters can also provide some functionality, for example, to protect privacy or to manage light. Many styles of shutters also offer adjustable louvers, or slats, to filter light, but if complete darkness is high on your list of priorities, maybe these aren’t the right option for your bedroom. 


Of course, venetian blinds are an excellent way to add privacy to your bedroom while being able to manage the amount of light entering and views out the window, however, an alternative option which perhaps you may not have thought of are Day and Night Blinds. These blinds are unique because they have two layers fabric; one layer is transparent and the other is a block colour. They are becoming increasingly popular in today’s homes as they fill a dual purpose by ensuring day and night time privacy.Day and Night blinds offer you two shades in one. You are able to pull the shade all the way down in order to have a sun filtering shade, or you can pull the shade up and have a blackout shade. They lend a unique blend of sophistication and exuberance that brings alive a previously unknown spark to your bedroom.


If you have any questions on any of the blinds mentioned here or in general please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.  Direct Blinds Cork can not only offer you expert advice on all the latest trends in window fashion, but we can also help you select the perfect styles and colours that will best suit your rooms and budget.
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