Pleated Blinds will not overpower your window as they have one of the thinnest head rails of our entire collection of blinds. The slim head rail of our pleated blinds contributes to the style and elegance of the fabric, yet it offers the stability and strong construction that you would expect from a high quality product.

Imagine a beautiful pleated skirt and this will help you to visualise the accordion style fold of pleated shades.

Variety is the spice of life with our pleated blinds collection. This collection not only offers a wide variety of colors to choose from but many different add on options.  Each option that you choose for your pleated blinds will further customise your window treatment to suit your lifestyle and personal taste.

Boasting more than eighty different colors and textures, everyone can fall in love with pleated blinds.  If you have large window widths you should consider pleated blinds as you can order two or three blinds on one head rail.

Pleated blinds provide you with excellent control of light, shade and privacy. Shield yourself and your conservatory furniture against harsh summer sunlight with fabrics that deflect the sun’s heat and insulate your house against cold and drafts in the winter.

If you need privacy, add a privacy or blackout liner to the fabric you choose. The pleated blinds are also available with a duo fold option, which will allow you to lower the shade from the top or lift it from the bottom. If you want a truly unique option, try the pleated shades with the top down feature, allowing you to lower the shade only from the top.

There are even sky light shades available in collection. Direct blinds Pleated Blinds Collection offers you something for every window.  Contact us for more info.