These blinds have 3 operating methods, Motorized, tensioned and free hanging. Motorized and tensioned blinds are the safest option.

Free hanging pleated blinds pose a risk to young children because of the free hanging cords that operate the blind. It is important that these cords are cut to the minimum length and each cord has a separate acorn. Cleats should also be installed to tie off all cords when the blind is lifted, thus keeping the cords out of young children’s reach.  (Contact us for details)

You can read below for some info on how to dress your roller blinds.

When planning to do home improvements, windows immediately come to mind. This is because windows are among the first things people notice when visiting a friend or a relative’s house.

If the eyes are the windows to one’s soul, windows are a reflection of the heart and soul of your home. Simply put, windows convey your home’s beauty and elegance – from the inside out!

Careful thought must therefore be given when sprucing up your windows. It is important for windows to match the general design and ambiance of your home. And one of the easiest and most practical ways to dress up your windows is by using curtains which are affordable and easy to install.

However, there is another sure-fire way to make those ordinary-looking windows look great and stylish, and that is through the use of roller blinds. In fact, many homeowners are now switching to roller blinds as their main choice in improving the look of their windows – and their homes.

For the unfamiliar, what are roller blinds and what make them special?

Roller blinds utilize a pulley system that makes the fabric go up and down very easy. And here’s another amazing feature: The fabric used can be customized to suit your personal taste or mainly based on the motif of your homes.

At Direct Blinds, you can actually choose the type of fabrics which include plain, pattern, black-out, sunscreen, or woven. The fabrics are fashioned out of high quality cotton, polyester, and linen.

If you are a stickler for elegance, you can select from the wide array of roller blinds which can be a straight finish or modern simply by using a different style into the trim and pull cords. But if you want to maintain the classic beauty of your windows, you can always go for the traditional scallop design of roller blinds.

You’re not quite sure about the colors you want? That’s the least of your worries. There’s a variety of colors you can choose from that will surely match the theme of your homes. Roller blinds come in black, blue, yellow, brown, red, green, and purple. Plus, you have the option for a matte or glossy-finish to bring out the unique style of your windows.

Are you a little bit worried about your privacy when using roller blinds? This actually depends on the kind of fabric that you choose, whether it’s sheer or opaque. Using your good judgement, you will be able to choose the right kind of fabric that will control the amount of light that enters your windows.

With the neutral look of roller blinds, they can blend well with different furniture and home furnishings. For example, if you’re a minimalist and don’t like frames hanging on your walls, using roller blinds – whether plain or patterned – will do the job of enhancing the utilitarian design of your homes.

On the other hand, if you love to decorate your living room or kitchen with picture frames and various fixtures, roller blinds can easily blend with your home’s chic design.

And, if you are still not that confident of your blinds selection, experts from Direct Blinds will surely help you make the best choice.

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