Plantation Shutters are as timeless as they are beautiful. They will last as long as your home and never go out of style.

Plantation shutters are selected because of their durability, classic style and maintainability. They are often thought of as furniture for your window and say much about the owner without saying anything at all.

As an interior decor element, shutters are frequently used as a main source of window treatment, because they are very attractive on their own and do not require any other embellishment. Plantation shutters are quite versatile and can be used in most styles of decor from conventional to contemporary. Aside from being a design element, decorative shutters can also provide some functionality, for example, to protect privacy or to manage light. Many styles of shutters also offer adjustable louvers, or slats, to filter light.

Plantation Shutters are the ultimate in window coverings. Direct Blinds will assist you with taking your ideas and making them a reality for your home. We offer a full range of plantation shutter products with a variety of materials and louver (slat) sizes as well as a never-ending range of colour choices.

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