“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go” – The festive season is certainly upon us, which means Christmas lights, trees and decorations are springing up everywhere. It seems like every year decorations go up earlier and earlier, but I think after the year we have all had, we could do with the warm nurture of Christmas for as long as possible.


When it comes to decorating for Christmas, there are usually two types of people. You have your Scrooges that will just about put up a Christmas tree, very reluctantly and usually only because they feel pressured into it. These people will try to leave it as close to Christmas Day as possible. The second type of person, are those that turn their homes into a Winter Wonderland once it’s passed midnight on Halloween, with enough Christmas lights to light up half of Cork City. Last year, I’m convinced my house had more lights than the runway at Cork airport. I’m surprised we didn’t have Boeing 747’s landing in the drive. If you’re the second type of person, I hope this blog will give you some new decorating ideas for your home, and if you’re the first type of person…. well, let’s be honest, you probably have already stopped reading once you saw the word ‘Christmas’, and that’s okay too!


You’ve more than likely thought of the Christmas tree, festive ornaments, lights outside and wreath on the door, but have you considered decorating your windows? Here at Direct Blinds Cork, we think windows are the perfect way to display your festive spirit to everyone passing by. This blog will be looking at different ways you can decorate your windows this year.


Twinkling Lights

Hanging lights outside isn’t for everyone, and if you’re not planning to do so this year, have you thought of dressing the inside of your windows with lights. Hang lights from the top of your windows down or even just having lights on the window sill is an excellent way to add some festive cheer to your home.



Have you ever thought of putting candles on your windowsill? Candles, whether they are real or fake, can make a room extra cosy. By putting it on your windowsill, everyone passing by can enjoy the flickering candlelight while you enjoy whatever wonderful scents you desire. My personal favourite at Christmas is a toasty cinnamon candle which really adds to the festive feel. If using a real candle make sure to keep safety in mind, with the flame away from your blinds. A fake candle can be just as visually effective.


Classic Garland

Another great looking Christmas decoration in your window is a classic festive garland. The greenery really adds to the Christmassy feel, and you can add lights or bows for that extra something special. The best part is you can do this either inside or outside your house, both look just as nice.


Alternatively, you can put some garland draped above your blinds or along the curtain rail to add an elegant luxurious touch. This is something you could do in any room of the house even the kitchen, which can make even the dullest task like washing the dishes that little bit merrier.


Ornaments & Baubles

It seems in my house we have an ever-growing collection of Christmas Ornaments and baubles, with new additions every year. If you’re the same, have you thought of putting some on your windowsills or hanging from the top of windows? These can really add a festive theme to any room, especially large sparkly baubles. The brighter the colours the better!


Christmas Card Display

A hanging Christmas Card display can be a crafty way to show off your Christmas cards. Just put a string across your window, place the cards on the string, and your window will be popping with colour and festive feels.



Everyone hangs a festive Christmas wreath on their door, but have you thought of hanging wreaths in your windows or even over your blinds? This will add a Christmassy look to any room of your house and something that will really stand out. You could choose a wreath with colours that match your décor in the room to help it fit in while also adding that festive cheer.


Put your Christmas Tree near a window

Sometimes the best ways are the easiest. Placing your Christmas tree right in the middle of a window can make the perfect addition to any home adding that festive curb appeal as well as making a room extra cosy. If you’re short on time, it’s also a great way of decorating a window. Just make sure to decorate all sides of your tree evenly, so you can’t see the bare spots from the outside.


These are just some ways to decorate your windows at Christmas. We really hope you like these ideas, and maybe even try them out this year. If you try any of these or indeed any other ideas make sure to snap a picture and let us know by tagging us on social media.

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