As a result of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, many of us are now working from home. There are certain perks such as unlimited cups of tea and a short commute in the mornings, but finding a quiet space can be a challenge, especially with the little ones off school too.

For many of us the kitchen table may be the only option, but for those of you that have a home office, that decision is certainly paying dividends during the current unprecedented times we find ourselves in. This was the inspiration for our blog this month. We decided to share with you some of our ideas for window blinds in your home office.

Choosing the Right Blind

Regardless of whether you use Roller blinds, Roman blinds, Venetian, Vertical or shutters, the right window blind can make all the difference when it comes to designing your home office. They are a welcome and indeed a necessary addition if you want a space to concentrate, feel motivated and productive. The last thing you need is the sun shining in on your computer screen or being distracted by every passer-by. So, if you want a blind to add privacy or personality to your office, or indeed just for functionality, we hope you find some inspirational ideas in this blog.

When it comes to styling your office, window dressings may be at the bottom of your priority list. But take a moment to consider just how important they are. Yes, windows offer a view of the outside world, but they also flood the room with natural light. Over the years, it has been medically proven than exposure to natural light sources can dramatically help to improve productivity and workplace performance.

Window blinds also play an important role in regulating temperature within a room. We’ve all been there on those muggy days where the only thing you want to do is curl up on the sofa. Feeling like this at your workplace is a sure-fire way to reduce productiveness and the quality of the work you produce.

Another aspect you need to consider in your office is glare. When we talk in terms of glare and the impact it can have on our working day, our focus shifts to screens. These devices normally use a low light source to function. This means that, should excessive light stream through windows or out of your lightbulbs, you could experience glare. In turn, this affects your ability to work smoothly and can be highly distracting.

But enough about the technical side, let’s talk about the fun stuff. Which window blinds should you choose for your home office space? Here are a few different ideas to consider:

Blend In

Room themes of whites and greys are continuing to be very popular at the moment. So, if you are going for this calm, cohesive theme to your office, you can go with blinds that will merely blend in. For a busy office, white or grey roller blinds are a simple choice. Rolled right up allows the light to fill the room, while they are nice and slim when pulled down making them ideal for your cosy office space. An all-white home office in particular, can be a great example of a peaceful office, designed with productivity at the forefront.

Stand Out

We’ve just discussed window blinds that blend in, but alternatively you can also opt for a blind that stands out. If you want to incorporate some colour or pattern to your office, while maintaining a light and airy feel, a patterned or bright coloured window blind might be the way to go. Remember if you’re worried about it being too distracting when working, you can just pull the blind up. But when the blind is down it will undoubtedly add a level of texture, cosiness and style to your office.

Sophisticated Chic White Shutters

White shutters are an excellent way to create a calm, but sleek atmosphere in your home office. They add style and sophistication as well as privacy, but crucially without sacrificing light. If you’re looking for a more traditional look, we would recommend selecting narrower slats with a push rod, or if it’s a more contemporary look you are after you could go for wider slats with a hidden push rod, which will also allow more light to enter your office. For a sleek and subtle industry like finish, try pairing with statement lighting and simple silhouette furniture.

Dark Wood Shutters

If you’re looking for more of a traditional theme to your home office, dark wood shutters can add real depth and richness to your room. Sure, this will reduce the brightness of the office, but alternatively it will successfully add a more formal and refined atmosphere and ambiance to your space. Compliment the wooden shutters with wooden shelving and a wooden desk, while a mid-century modern style light fixture is sure to make your traditional theme that little bit more contemporary.

Introduce Bright Colours

Make a statement with your blinds and combine the on-trend moody paint theme with a bold and bright window blind. Your bright blind will perfectly offset the inky tone of your paint, creating an exciting and unique room you will be happy to work in. If you want to really make your office eccentric, why not even add a glass chandelier.

Roman Blinds

Have you ever considered Roman Blinds for your home office? They are an excellent way to introduce texture and fabric to your room, you don’t always need to be purely practical! Roman blinds can be subtle yet chic, and very effective at framing your window.

Blackout Roller Blinds

A classic favourite, blackout roller blinds have a multitude of different uses. Although they’re the number one choice for bedrooms, they also sit perfectly in office spaces too. If you need a degree of privacy at certain times of the day, they allow you to completely shut off the outside world.

Be aware, if you have blackout blinds down all day, you are likely to need artificial lighting switched on too. This will impact electricity costs for your business and is something you should take into account. Similarly, some blackout blinds are highly effective at locking in heat – great for winter months but not when you’ve got a pressing deadline ahead and the pressure is on.

Fabric Roller Blinds

If you’re looking to diffuse light in your office space, fabric roller blinds are ideal. They are generally made of a translucent material that filters out harsh light rays, while still allowing in a soft glow. This dramatically reduces the risk and impact of glare. In turn, you’ll find you are able to be considerably more productive and feel comfortable all day long.

Extra tip for offices!

Remember that, no matter what window blinds or dressings you decide on, it is good practice not to face screens towards windows. On its own, this will drastically reduce the risk of glare, regardless of the blinds you choose.

Trust the experts

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