Windows play a vital part to your home in terms of allowing both air and light in to your rooms. We all love to be able to look out and enjoy the world passing by at times, but we don’t want the world to be looking back at us in our homes, particularly at night. There are times when everyone wants to have a little more privacy, which is why we use various window coverings such as window blinds.

There are several different functions to window blinds, but in this blog, we are going to focus on one of the primary functions of them: Privacy! Regardless of whether your house is on a busy street, main road or in the countryside on its own, we all need to have some privacy in our home. Privacy is particularly important in certain areas of your home such as bedrooms and bathrooms, so it’s vital you select the right solution to get the privacy you want.

To a certain extent, all window blinds offer privacy, but in this blog, we will be looking at the window blind styles we would recommend to add the most amount of privacy to your home.

Blackout Roller Blinds

Blackout roller blinds are an excellent solution for total 100% privacy. The blackout quality ensures there is little to no light entering the room and you don’t need to worry about people seeing through your blinds. Your privacy is guaranteed. Roller blinds are a solution for any room in the house and you can simply add the blackout to any design, colour or patterned roller blind you desire so you don’t need to compromise on the aesthetics of your room.

Venetian Blinds

An obvious window blind solution for privacy are venetian blinds. You can easily adjust the rotating slats to allow light enter your room but angled so people cannot get a clear view into the room. Therefore, you have your privacy but importantly still have light entering the room. At Direct Blinds Cork we carry a wide range of modern colours to complement the exterior of your home or your interior furnishings depending on your requirements and offer both wood and metal venetian blind options. Venetian blinds allow you have style, light and privacy.

Roman Blinds

If you want the look of drapery with the functionality of a blind, then roman blinds are the way to go. Roman Blinds are more luxurious and softer option for your home than other window blinds. The thicker material of a Roman Blind can make them an excellent choice for anyone looking to add privacy to their home. When closed they are extremely effective at blocking out light and impossible for people to see in to your room from outside.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters are as timeless as they are beautiful. They will last as long as your home and never go out of style. They are usually selected because of their durability, classic style and maintainability but their privacy function is also a big advantage to these. Plantation shutters are essentially small doors, so can completely block out light entering while hugely restricting anyone view into the room even while the slats are opened. They are an excellent solution to add privacy to your home.

Vertical Blinds

A Vertical Blind is suitable for large spaces, large window, conservatories and sliding doors. It is a popular choice because it gives the space a modernist look. In terms of privacy it is similar to venetian blinds, in the way that you can adjust the slats to allow light into the room, but angle them so people outside cannot see in. It is undoubtedly another good solution to add privacy to your home.

Apart from window blinds, there are other window solutions to help add privacy to your home. These include:

Curtains – heavier curtains have the potential to block out light entering the room and offer total privacy, while if you do want some light to enter you have the options of a lighter, sheer curtain.
Frosted Glass – Using glass that is textured or frosted is a particularly common way to add privacy in a bathroom. This allows light in but completely restricts vision through to give you the privacy you desire.
Stained Glass – Away from the bathroom, for other rooms of your house, another option to add privacy is using faux stained glass. Again, these will allow a certain amount of light through but should offer complete privacy.

Ultimately, it’s clear you have lots of window solutions to add privacy to your home. Just make sure you understand the purpose of your room, the level of privacy you’d like and how much light you would ideally like to enter the room. After that, it’s about deciding on the design and colours to best suit you and your home!

Direct Blinds Cork

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