As a result of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic we will all need to live and work in a different way for the foreseeable future. As the country is beginning to move through the phases to ease COVID-19 restrictions and re-open Ireland’s society and economy, there will still be a requirement for providing a safer working environment for all businesses. We will still all need to continue practicing social distancing and protecting each other.

That is where the Transparent Hygiene Roller Shield comes into play. This can help businesses get up and running safely again, providing the protection needed by all. These Transparent Hygiene Roller Shields provide a cost effective and convenient way to keep both your employees and customers safe, and are now available to order from Direct Blinds Cork in both manual and motorised controls.

Rigid screens are not always possible or practicable, especially when multiple people need to be in the same space and they need to be protected. This shield protects people by stopping the spread of aerosols from coughing and sneezing but maintains the feeling of being together. Importantly, it also eliminates the potential trip hazard and possible claim caused by the legs of a free-standing rigid screen. They can be rolled down whenever they are required to be used and rolled back up out of the way when not needed.


The Transparent Hygiene Roller Blind is made of a clear P.V.C. fabric and will conform to social distancing without compromising the interior design or layout of work spaces or classrooms. The following are a list of the advantages to Transparent Hygiene Roller Blinds:

  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Offers a crystal-clear view
  • Can be rolled up out of the way when not required
  • Very high quality
  • Fire retardant
  • Easy to install
  • Does not compromise the interior design
  • A solution for when social distancing is restricted
  • Available in manual or motorised


Our Transparent Hygiene Roller shields can be used in many different settings. Just some possible uses of the shield include:

  • Between two or more desks in offices / classrooms / work spaces
  • At a reception desk
  • At a till / payment point
  • Over food counters
  • Separating production facilities
  • Dividing up tables in a restaurants, canteens or cafés
  • Separating different work spaces e.g. salons
  • Creating protected spaces in dentist or doctors waiting rooms and treatment areas

To protect your employees and customers and to find out more information on our Transparent Hygiene Roller Shields, contact Direct Blinds Cork today at or call 021 435 4959.

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