The clocks have gone back, the nights are drawing in and in the words of Games of Thrones – ‘winter is coming’. When you combine this with the fact we are in the middle of another lockdown, we’re all going to be spending a lot more time inside our home this Winter. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing! Sitting in front of a crackling fire, watching feel good festive Christmas movies, wearing your favourite fluffy pyjamas, it’s the perfect opportunity to snuggle up on the sofa next to the ones you love.

However, if you’re living in a chilly house, it may be a different story. While sealing up your window seams or adding insulation around the house can make a difference, or maybe even wearing an extra layer or two to keep you warm, it’s not your only options. Have you considered the impact your window dressings are having on the heat levels in your home? With the temperatures dropping, it might be time to look at how your window dressings can help keep you cosy this winter while saving you money.

Did you know, on average around one third of the heat in your home goes straight out the window? It’s important to keep in mind, that heat and energy is one of the biggest overheads for a household each Winter, and a third of it is literally thrown out the window.  With forecasters predicting an extremely cold Winter ahead, as if COVID-19 wasn’t enough for us to deal with, our windows are the ones that face these elements head on and having the correct window blind can make a substantial difference within your home.

So, lets break it down further. We know the colder Winter months bring a spike in energy usage and, inevitably, a hit to your back pocket, but it really doesn’t have to be this way. Blinds and other window treatments can significantly warm a room and cut your energy costs considerably. To put some figures behind it, a house with 15 windows can save an average of €200 in one winter when fitted with energy-efficient window coverings.

Of course, a thick set of drapes may be one option when it comes to winter proofing your windows, but you don’t want these in the Summer time. Window blinds are a stylish and effective way to keep your home warm and cosy in the Winter, while also cool in the Summer. They offer flexibility in terms of controlling heat and light both in and out as well as privacy.

How to Choose the Right Blind for You

The right type of blinds can trap a layer of air between the fabric and the glass, helping to seal off your windows. During the day, you should open up your blinds and let the warmth from the sunlight fill the room. By lowering your blinds as soon as dusk falls, you can help to keep this natural heat inside, meaning you use less energy heating up your home at night.

While blinds with slats, such as Venetian blinds, can be great for heat control and light control during Summer, in Winter they are less effective at preventing heat loss. Instead, look for roller blinds or Roman blinds, which can provide a solid cover over your windows.

Your choice of fabric is also important, as some options are more insulating than others. Thermal fabric can be suitable for particularly chilly months, but they may not prove to be the best choice when the summer comes back around.

Blackout blinds are another option to consider, which not only help to provide privacy and block out light at night-time, but are also thick enough to create a barrier between the window and your room.

An alternative option for greater energy efficiency, also provided by us here at Direct Blinds Cork, are cellular or pleated blinds. It’s hexagonal or honeycomb structure create effective little air pockets that when the blind is extended, slows down thermal transfer from your windows. The air cavity created by the cell creates a clever and effective additional insulation factor to keep the heat in and the cold out. Pleated or cellular blinds also offer good light control. If you’d like to let some winter sunlight in to heat your home naturally, simply pull up your blinds as you wish and close again that evening to trap all that natural heat inside.

The best thing about cellular or pleated blinds is that they aren’t just a quick fix for Winter, they actually provide year-round temperature control! No matter the season, Cellular blinds work hard to keep a balanced temperature, saving you money all year round. They are also available in a wide range of vibrant and colourful options.

Call the Professionals 

Another tip to minimise the heat lost during the Winter is to make sure you always call the professionals. Even the most insulating fabric is little use when your blinds aren’t designed to fit your windows properly.

A snug fitting blind fitted by a professional will create the necessary seal between your window and the room, meaning that it’s harder for cool air from the window to drop down and escape from the bottom of the blind. In addition, a professionally installed blind will prevent the warm air from your room from being drawn into the gap at the top of your window.

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