Although we don’t experience extreme heat here in Ireland, the Summers are undoubtedly getting warmer thanks to Climate change. But usually, we build buildings to trap the heat in this country, and certainly don’t have fancy air-conditioning systems or built-in ceiling fans to cool us down in our homes. Therefore, during the few months of the year that we do experience high temperatures, it can be quite uncomfortable to be indoors especially if working or sleeping. In this blog we hope to give tips on how best to keep your home cool this Summer.

As sustainable cooling options are becoming more and more popular, many are turning to window fixtures as an environmental and budget-friendly way to block the heat. There are all sorts of blinds, shutters and other fixtures that provide effective cooling for homes and businesses. These are some of our tips for keeping cool this summer.

Close your Window Blinds

If you directly block the sunlight from entering your room or home, you can help prevent the temperatures from getting excessively warm and uncomfortable. It may seem pretty obvious, but if you simply close your window blinds this can make a difference. If you keep your blinds and even curtains closed throughout the day, to block the sun when it’s at it’s strongest, and then open them along with the windows in the evening once the sun has gone down, it will help keep the temperatures in the room more regulated and cool. This is especially important for bedrooms in order not be too uncomfortably warm in bed.

Choose the Right Window Blinds

Blinds come in a range of fabric, vinyl, faux wood and timber options, some thicker and more opaque than others. Most blinds are custom made to fit your exact window measurements and different types are available, depending on how much light and insulation you are after.

Blinds of all kinds are great at blocking out the sun from any room, however, some window blinds are better than others when it comes to controlling the amount of light into a room and controlling the temperature of a room.

It might be obvious, but black out blinds are exceptionally good at keeping your home cool and keeping the sunshine out of your rooms. One common misperception of black out blinds is that they are boring and dull. However, they do not have to be! They now are available in a range of fabrics, patterns and variety of colours to best suit you are your style or theming.

Venetian blinds are another type of blind which are particularly good for regulating the temperature in a room. Venetian blinds allow you to adjust the blind to stop the sunlight from shining in to the room directly, however, crucially it will still allow fresh air flow into the room. Vertical blinds can do a similar job this way and also a good option to help keep a room cool.

If you want to keep a room cool, Roman blinds are another great option. With Roman blinds you have the option to close them to a certain level so they don’t allow any sunshine in to the room, while also leaving some space at the bottom to allow fresh air in to the room as well as light to avoid being in complete darkness. It’s also possible to get blackout blinds in a Roman Blind style.

Plantation shutters are ideal for regulating the temperature in your home also. They are particularly popular in warm countries as they are effective at keeping a room cool, without blocking sunlight. With larger than normal slats, plantation shutters are built to allow air to flow into the room. They also are effective at preventing the fading and damaging effects of sunlight on fabrics and furnishings. Plantation shutters also offer a great view of the outside from the room, while giving privacy from outside looking in.

Combine Curtains and Blinds

Using the combination of both window blinds along with curtains allows you to block out the sunlight and keep the temperature in the room cool without being in complete darkness. The combination of the two are now also more stylish than ever, but that’s just a bonus. Using both can be a very effective method of regulating the temperature for your entire house.

Open Windows

Don’t forget to open several of your windows, even if you have the window blinds and curtains closed. This will create a consistent air flow throughout the room, preventing it from getting uncomfortable or stuffy. Temperature should not increase as the sunlight will still not be shining directly in to the room as you will still have your blinds closed.

Some other tips for keeping your house cool

Apart from your blinds, below are a couple of other things you can do to keep your home cool during the Summer months:

  • Energy Efficient Light Bulbs – Ordinary light bulbs can emit heat, so using energy efficient light bulbs will help regulate the temperature in rooms. This may not have a big impact in a large room, but it can make a substantial difference in a smaller room, where lightbulbs can significantly raise the temperature in a room.
  • Switch it off – All electrical appliances will continue to generate heat if even on sleep or stand by. Make sure you switch off all your appliance when not in use to avoid unnecessary heat being generated in rooms.
  • Use Breathable Bed Sheets – Use a bed sheet with a fabric that’s breathable such as a cotton. Cotton doesn’t trap the heat and helps keep the temperature regulated during the warm summer months.
  • Cook Outside – If you can, on those exceptionally warm days, try cooking outside on your BBQ. If you use your oven, it will generate a lot of heat and increase the already high temperature in your home.
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