A tropical style home is sometimes considered “green architecture” because you need to create a theme that is not only summer-looking but also maximizes natural light and air. By adopting this type of architectural design, you can save on electricity. And in achieving this look for your home, window blinds can actually help you.

Window blinds is a type of window treatment that can be your ally in enhancing your tropical style home, a place that exudes a refreshing and fashionable ambiance.

In this article, we will discuss about some practical ways on how to utilize this particular kind of window covering in designing your tropical style abode. So read on to get a number of helpful tips which you can apply in specific nooks of your home.

Living Room

If you have huge arch windows made of glass in your living room, it is always safe to opt for Roman blinds. However, you have to be careful in picking the right color and design. For example, if your furnishings and furniture pieces are in bold or glossy finish or hues like gold, you may opt for plain white window blinds in order to avoid everything in your living to appear monochromatic.

Meanwhile, if such nook in your home has quite a number of windows, go for plantation blinds. By installing said type of window blinds, you can easily regulate the amount of light and air that you want to pass through your panes. Apart from it, they make the entire area look modern and sleek, too.

For tall windows inside a wood-themed living room, you may select roller blinds which can be installed in the upper and lower portions separately so that you can choose which of the two coverings to open when trying to control the amount of light that enters. Just make sure, though, that the color of your window blinds does not have almost the same shade with wood.


If you have designed your bedroom furniture to be in dark hues, then go for light-colored Venetian blinds and bed cover. Through this way, your window treatment will not be washed out by the other things in your bedroom.

On the other hand, if your bedroom is in pastel hues, you may install brown-colored roller blinds to enhance the look of your tropical style home.
Wood-woven blinds can actually be a good choice as well.


For a tropical kitchen that has granite counter tops and white cabinets and cupboards, you may choose from the available plantation blinds, roller blinds, and venetian blinds either in white or gray shades. This will create a clean and cool ambience.

Meanwhile, for the kitchen of your tropical style home, look for wood-woven or bamboo-woven window blinds if it has white and ocean blue motif.

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