Fancy a change? When redesigning a space, many homeowners focus on elements such as wall colour, furniture and flooring. But what about window treatments like blinds, shades and shutters? These are an essential part as they change the lighting of the room, which can make or break a design.

What type of shade?

Blinds are available in a variety of materials and styles, such as real wood, faux wood with embossed colours that look like real wood, and vinyl. Blinds can also be horizontal or vertical and either corded, cordless, or motorised.

Plantation shutters add character and elegance – and they’re super easy to operate. In addition to wood and faux wood plantation shutters, you can choose moisture-resistant, light control, and even insulated options. However, wood shutters are not recommended for use in high-moisture areas, whereas composite shutters can resist moisture damage, warping and staining.

Clean and simple is one of the biggest trends in window treatments and traditional items such as shutters and Roman blinds are popular. Roller and solar blinds are some of the fastest-growing products because they are now available in a variety of colours and transparencies.

What colour?

Regarding colours, pale brown and creams remain the staple colours but blues, soft greens, lavenders, berries and greys are popular, as well as jewel tones in orange and gold. For a simple and clean look, use decorative trim on the edge of Roman shades.

Adding beauty to your design

So, what window treatments are the best to add to your room? It’s really up to you! There are a lot of different blinds and shades that you can choose from, so it’s important to think about how you want them to function and, also, how they will fit into your existing design. Just like there are a variety of interior design styles, there are a variety of window treatments that will suit them.


Classic or traditional design is known for its warm, inviting interiors. It’s characterised by a neutral colour palette that includes colours like beige, cream, grey, pearl, deep burgundy, gold, peach, silver, olive, and terracotta. Additionally, the style boasts warm, rich wood accents that can be seen in different aspects of the design.

For this design style, classic wooden blinds would work perfectly. These window treatments are not only popular today, but they will also continue to look elegant and modern as the years go by. Another excellent option is soft Roman shades, which give off an organic, natural look that is always in style.


If you love streamlined design, sharp lines and intentional decor, modern design may be the style for you. Modern design values functionality above all else and uses basic geometric shapes to create pieces that fit into any room. To fit this style, try solar roller shades, which provide a modern look that complements almost any decor.


Transitional design combines the best elements of both classic and modern styles. These designs are known for their clean colour palettes and balance, which create relaxing and uncomplicated spaces.

To achieve this style with your window treatments, try layering top-down/bottom-up honeycomb shades and your favourite curtains. The honeycomb shades provide the functionality modern design is known for, while still providing much-needed privacy. Once you add curtains, you will give the window a more traditional look and feel.

Or, try Roman shades, which offer a simple, yet elegant way to dress your windows. Additionally, they are designed to fit into the majority of design styles, so they will look great in any room in your home.


Simplicity is the key with minimalist design. Minimalist design also shows restraint and a careful paring down and editing of spaces to get to a place of clarity. Strip away cumbersome window treatments and opt for solar shades. These provide a clean look to windows while also reducing the glare and heat that can come into your home. Also, consider upgrading to electric shades or blinds because they increase the functionality of a room in a subtle way.


Rustic draws on earthy hues, over-sized furniture and nostalgic home decor accents to create a cosy atmosphere that is impossible to resist. Classic wood blinds are the perfect addition to this design, as they are warm and welcoming, but refined.

Additionally, woven wood shades are perfect for adding a rustic touch. This product is hand-woven with natural materials and provides a unique texture to windows. They are functional, eco-friendly, and a great addition to any rustic style.

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