Take a look around any home or office and you’ll find a range of remote-controlled appliances. We can customise everything from topping up the electricity on an app, to recording the match during the commute home with the click of a button. So, why should your window blinds be any different?

Quite honestly, electric blinds suit everyone. They’re convenient, energy efficient, modern and they make life that bit easier. They’re a fantastic way to take advantage of technology in your home and a great first step into smart home automation.

Ordinarily, they maintain the same look as traditional blinds but have an inbuilt system that allows them to mechanically roll up and down. This gives you the ultimate convenience – being able to control the light and privacy within a room without ever leaving your seat. Once reserved for those with large budgets, they have now become an affordable and attainable option for the everyday homeowner.


How are they powered?

Contrary to popular belief, electric blinds are not complicated or expensive to install. The motorised system is usually powered by batteries that last years, or by a rechargeable lithium battery. They can be controlled, opened and closed with the press of a button, via a remote, or on an app on your phone.

The electric motor within these motorised roller blinds will ordinarily be built into the overall structure of the unit. A rechargeable battery will operate the unit and can be powered fully to run over a number of months.

While this creates both a streamlined and convenient window dressing, it also eliminates the need for additional wiring. When you purchase an electric roller blind, there is no need to hire an electrician during installation. Without the need to wire it into your home system, you’ll be able to get your room looking pristine in no time at all.


They work for you

If that appeals to you, then you’ll love the fact that electric blinds can be put on a schedule. Open at sunrise, close during the peak sun hours, and open again as the temperature drops. Choosing to put them on a schedule will mean that you won’t have to worry about it yourself – they’ll work for you.

They can also react to pre-set sun and temperature thresholds using sensors which will automatically open or close your blinds for you.


Energy efficiency

If you choose to connect a sensor or timer to your blinds, they will be able to understand the outside environment and react accordingly. At the hottest parts of summer days, they will close and keep your home cool and fresh, while in winter when it’s cold inside, they will open to let some of that gorgeous sunshine in to warm your home.

Either way, they will work to your advantage, being energy efficient and adapting to the outside environment to lower your energy bill.


Safety first

If you have children in the house, you should look to install the safest window options. Regardless of whether you’re dressing a nursery, or your living room, keeping the safety of your little ones at the highest priority is invaluable.

Traditional window blinds are operated using long pull cords or metal chains. Although these can be styled to look modern, they present a choking hazard to small children – especially toddlers and those just on their feet. In this case, there are storage devices that you can buy to wrap the cords up away from tiny hands. With motorised blinds, neither of those things are a concern. No cords mean no hassle and it also means guaranteed safety for your children.


Security alert

Some people leave a light on, a pair of wellies on the front door step, or ask their neighbours to step in. Either way, when we’re leaving our home, we want to know that it will be secure and safe upon our return. Motorised blinds plant the idea that someone is always home, even when you’re on holiday. Their changing schedule and movements give outsiders the illusion that someone is home and this will make them think twice about targeting your house.


High windows

Skylights and high-placed windows are brilliant for allowing light to flood a room entirely. However, they can be difficult to cover. You can’t very well climb up a ladder every time you want to have more privacy or block out the light. In steps an electric blind – perfect for operating from a distance and giving you the control that you need. You can monitor light distribution in any room, day or night once your electric roller blinds are installed.


What types of electric blinds are available?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s only roller blinds that can be electric, but there are a variety of blinds which are able to be motorised, including;

Interior blinds: Electric interior blinds are battery operated and the batteries last for one – five years. You don’t need an electricity connection to install them, making it far less complicated!

Roller shutters: Roller shutters are internal and if motorised, are easy to use via a remote control. Some have a wired-in option rather than battery. The shutters can be set to a ‘my favourite’ position too, making them great for everyday use.

External Venetian blinds: There are two main types of external venetian blinds and each can be motorised. Both the all-metal blind and the standard blind provide you with the freedom to play with the degrees of sunlight you would like to enter your home. Find a balance you like and you can set your blinds to open on that exact setting each time, using your remote control. If you like the ‘light filtering’ look of venetian blinds but don’t want the nuisance of adjusting them every day, then motorised venetian blinds are for you.

Vertical screens: Vertical screens are a type of blind that give full protection from the sun and added privacy. When motorised, the rail system vertical screen is raised and lowered via a vertical track installed on each side of the window. The motor is located in a small, discrete box outside your home. There’s also a built-in sensor to ensure on windy days your vertical screens are automatically raised to protect them from damage.


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Motorised or electric roller blinds are an exciting advancement in the world of window dressings. They have an innovative design with a versatile appeal and look great in homes of all styles. With their child safe design and quiet motor, they are perfect for bedrooms, nurseries and offices.

If we’ve inspired you to re-dress your windows, take a browse through our extensive range; you’re sure to find the perfect plain, patterned, or fabric window blind for your home or office.

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