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Is It Time To Replace Tired Blinds?

It’s that time of year again when we throw open the windows and think about getting the house ready for warmer weather. Spring cleaning is on the agenda, and getting rid of tired or broken furniture and window dressings can be liberating.

Because we see our curtains and blinds every day, we may not notice that they are beginning to look tired and faded, and even if they are broken, it may seem like a low priority to fix or replace them. However, very old, dirty or broken window dressings can spoil the look of a room and replacing these can be very simple and cost effective.

Do You Need New Window Blinds?

Here’s how to tell when it’s time to update your blinds and window coverings:

• Broken slats. If your blinds have broken slats, it’s probably going to be more cost effective to replace the blind than to try to repair the slats. Shutters or real wood blinds, which often represent a lifelong investment in your home, are more likely to be repairable. Talk to an expert at Direct Blinds to work out what sort of blind will work best in each room as you may be surprised by new options and designs.

• Faded fabric. If your blinds hang in direct sunlight, it’s likely that the fabric will fade over time. This will compromise the effectiveness of your blinds, as they will not block the light or trap heat as well as they should, and a new blind will lift your decor and brighten the whole room.

• Broken fixings. Whether your blinds are operated electronically or manually, if the fixings or tilt mechanisms break you will not be able to use them properly anymore. Good quality new blinds have very easy to use fixings and are designed to operate smoothly and safely, so investing in a new blind is the most practical option in most cases.

• Worn cords. The cords are essential to the functioning of your blinds, and they are also the most dangerous part of them. Cords that are worn or frayed will not work properly, and cords that do not hang safely or cannot be secured away from children and pets are a safety hazard and should be replaced immediately.

Don’t forget that you can give your home a facelift by changing your blinds even if they are not worn out! You can sell or gift blinds you no longer love and treat yourself to new window dressings that really make you smile.

Find Roller Blinds And Roman Blinds In Ireland

At Direct Blinds, we will be happy to help you to find the perfect window dressings for every room in your house. We stock a great range of roller blinds, Roman blindsVenetian blinds and more, in a wide variety of fabrics and designs.

Pop into your local store to talk to our experienced staff, contact us online or call 021 435 4959 today.

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