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How To Make Your Conservatory A Room For All Seasons

A conservatory can be a great way to extend the living space in your home, and can be used for many different purposes. However, it can be difficult to regulate the temperature in a conservatory since it has such large expanses of glass, so it can often become a space that is only useful for part of the year.

Conservatories are often very cold in the winter because they have not been insulated, and they can become too hot in the summer if there is no protection from direct sun. Here at Direct Blinds, we can help you to use your conservatory all year round by working with you to create insulating and heat protective window blinds.

Enjoy Your Conservatory Throughout The Year

Here’s how you can enjoy your conservatory all year:

  1. Fit blinds for warmth. The heat loss through the windows in your conservatory can make it very cold in the winter, so fitting insulating blinds can help to reduce heat loss and keep the room warmer. Blinds can be coordinated with a colour scheme or made especially for you if you have found a fabric you love.
  2. Reduce direct heat. In the summer time, conservatories can become unusable if the sun is beating down on them all day. Many blinds are designed to block or absorb the unwanted heat, allowing the room to remain a cool sanctuary of relaxation on a hot day.
  3. Consider heating options. If you are making the most of the heating in your home, you may find a solution that works in your conservatory. Most heating options, however, will result in a great deal of wastage as heat energy is lost through the windows, so consider carefully how you will minimize this.
  4. Make it a multi-purpose space. Whether you want to keep the conservatory as an adult sanctuary or make the space a playroom, it can be a good place to include many different aspects of your lifestyle. Storage systems that are designed to maximize the space can ensure you have a useful space even when the weather makes it tricky to enjoy it for long periods of time.
  5. Go for bold design. Making your conservatory a statement area that embraces bright colours or allows you to indulge your interests can be a great way to make the space individual. We love the way that blinds can be matched to any colour scheme and can provide a great statement look.

Are You Looking for Venetian Blinds In Ireland?

Whether you’re redesigning your conservatory or doing up another room in your home, we have a huge range of solutions for dressing your windows. Window blinds are a cost effective and stylish option that can improve the look of any space, and we will be happy to talk to you about what will work best in your home.

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