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How To Decorate Your Farmhouse With Window Blinds Part II

In our previous article, we discussed about decorating the dining room and kitchen of your farmhouse with window blinds. For this one, we are going to share some practical tips on how to beautify your farmhouse’s living room, bathroom, and bedroom.

For every nook of your country-looking home, you can always do something to enhance it and make it complement with the entire place’s general motif and design. And with the help of window blinds and other furnishings and furniture pieces, you can surely achieve your goal.

So keep on reading to learn more practical tips on how to transform your home or give it more oomph as a farmhouse.

Living Room

If the living room of your farmhouse has wood flooring, walls are in off-white or light brown shade, and most of the furniture and furnishings are in reddish hue, then you can go for woven bamboo blinds or Roman blinds in oak color. Through this way, you avoid the possibility of making the walls and the windows look monochromatic.

Meanwhile, if you have designed your den in gray and black motif, you may check on the available white sheer blinds to bring about brightness to the somehow dark color tone.

Another way of reinforcing the country feel of your home is to install bamboo roller blinds especially if your walls are painted white and your furniture pieces are in natural wood texture, and the furnishings are in brown finish.


If you want to bring more sophistication to the all-white bathroom of your farmhouse while maintaining its country ambiance, pick from the available striped Roman blinds.

And if the color of your bathroom is teal or aqua, look for Roman blinds in subtle print or pattern and in almost the same shade of your motif to maintain its serenity. After all, the bathroom is considered to be a “scared” place for “me” time.

On the other hand, if your bathroom fixtures are in white color and its walls are in yellow or brownish shade and its windows’ borders are made of wood, you may consider available bamboo-woven or wood-woven roller blinds to balance the motif.


For your personal resting nook, you may opt for top-down bottom-up blinds in pastel colours to add life to your all-white design. This helps create a refreshing and country ambiance.

Meanwhile, if your bedroom’s walls are in cream paint and the floor tiles are brown, you can infuse a feminine touch to it by painting your windows’ borders white and installing pink Roman blinds onto them.

For an all-white bedroom, you can choose printed bed sheets and pillow cases in brown and hang linen Roman blinds on your windows.

So order blinds online now and improve the looks of your farmhouse.

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