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Help Your Children Sleep! Blackout Blind Solutions

Many parents across the globe share an obsession with getting their children to sleep for longer and to avoid them waking in the night. Here at Direct Blinds, we think we’ve found the perfect solution and we know you’ll be impressed with the results.

Blackout blinds have long been heralded as a good solution for children who struggle with sleeping while it’s so light outside in the evenings and early mornings, but our new BlocOut roller blinds are taking the benefits of blackout blinds to a whole new level.

Five Reasons to Use Blackout Roller Blinds

  1. Temperature. It’s really tricky to get to sleep and stay asleep when your bedroom is too hot. A relaxing, cool room is the best environment for sleeping, and your child’s bedroom should not be hotter than 18 degrees at any time. BlocOut roller blinds help to keep your rooms cool in the summer, but will also help to maintain more constant temperatures all year round, as they’ve been independently thermally tested by the BBA and can save more than 25% of average heating costs.
  2. Light. The main purpose of a blackout blind is, of course, to block out the light. Our bodies are designed to sleep when in dark environments, and it can help to encourage sleep and regulate melatonin levels if you create a perfectly dark space in your child’s bedroom. A blackout blind that fits your window well can block out 100% of external light, and you can keep the early risers in bed for a little longer each day!
  3. Noise levels. Noises outside the window can disturb children as they try to sleep, and a blackout blind can help with this problem by absorbing sound. If you live in a particularly noisy area, you may wish to consider keeping the window closed and using a fan, if needed, to keep the room cool, to help your children to get the sleep they need each night.
  4. Relaxation. Being in a darkened room can help the body to relax and prepare for sleep, and you can make the most of this environment by reading together before lights out, or by sharing massage or relaxation CDs. Anything that makes your child feel relaxed at bedtime can help them to enjoy a good night of restorative sleep.

Help Your Children to Sleep With Blackout Blinds

If you want to encourage your children to sleep better by fitting blackout blinds to their bedroom windows, contact us at Direct Blinds. We sell a great variety of roller blinds, venetian blindsroman blinds and more, and our friendly staff will be happy to discuss the best solution for you and your family. Simply contact us online or call 021 435 4959 today.

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