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Finding the perfect Kitchen Blinds for your home

Your kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in your home, regardless of whether you’re a Michelin star restaurant chef or not. We all like to gather in the kitchen, we eat our meals there, have a cup of tea with friends or family and all in all it’s usually the place to be in your home. So naturally, we all want to have a lively and welcoming feel to our kitchen. Window blinds are often overlooked when decorating a kitchen, but choosing the perfect Kitchen blinds can really help create the interior look you are going for and make all the difference. 

So there are a few things you need to consider before choosing your perfect Kitchen blinds. Below are just five things you need to consider:


If you don’t cook all that often, you don’t need to worry and can go purely on the aesthetic look of the blind. However, for those that do a look of cooking there are things that you need to consider. Often when cooking there will be smoke, grease, steam and general odours creating issues for certain window blind styles. Steam, in particular, can create a very humid environment potentially resulting in a reduced lifespan for your blinds. Of course, this depends on what blinds and material is used. Ideally if cooking a lot in a kitchen your blind should be of a material that can withstand humidity, won’t trap odours and are easy to clean.


Often, the kitchen sink is located below a window and sometimes even a cooking stove. If this is the case, you need to be aware that your blind is very likely to be splashed regularly by both water and even food. So in these cases we would recommend choosing a blind here that would be easy to clean and resistant to water. If you do want to go for a wooden blind, such as a venetian blind, faux wood should definitely be considered rather than real wood. 


If you have a large kitchen, the chances are your windows will be quite big also. This means that your windows can really add a decorative element to your kitchen and enhance the overall feel and ambiance. Sometimes bold and bright choices can be the ideal option for a large kitchen. You can keep your blinds practical, such as to block out the sun or stop neighbours looking in at night, but stylish at the same time. For smaller kitchen, maybe you don’t want to go too bold and bright as it might be overpowering to the room, but you can certainly still opt for practical stylish window blinds to suit your space. 


Before making your decision on a window blind for your kitchen, make sure you look at the positioning of your windows. Think about if the sun will be shining in or not, and how much light you want to let in to your kitchen. If your kitchen will get a lot of sunlight during the day, you might want to go for blinds that give you the option to filter out light, but not block it out completely. Equally, if you’re kitchen doesn’t get direct sunlight you won’t want to block any of the natural light that does enter. 


We all love to be able to look out and enjoy the world passing by at times, but we don’t want the world to be looking back at us in our homes, particularly at night. There are times when everyone wants to have a little more privacy, which is why we use various window coverings such as window blinds. Regardless of whether your house is on a busy street, main road or in the countryside on its own, we all need to have some privacy. Even if your kitchen is to the back of your house, take a look at your neighbours around and if they can see in or not. Privacy is undoubtedly something you need to consider when selecting your kitchen blinds. 


Another aspect you need to consider before choosing your blinds is if your kitchen has a view or not. If your kitchen has a spectacular garden or view, you may want to go with a vertical or roller blind in order to easily roll up and down as you need and not restrict the view. 


With kitchen blinds, there are no right or wrong colours. Some like a colour or pattern that will be bright and stand out, while other prefer a more neutral blind to complement the décor. But before you pick your kitchen blind it’s important to know what colours you want for your kitchen and what would work best with your décor or theme you are going for. 


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