Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page! Here you’ll find information about measuring, installing and washing your window blinds.

Q. I’m not sure what kind of blind to choose, can you help?
A. We can certainly give you some tips.  When you choose a blind you need to think about:

  • the room you want it to go in
  • how much control you want over the light
  • the size of your window
  • whether you want special features like blackout material or washable fabrics

You’ll find information about what each type of blind can offer on our product pages.  Our free home or business visit will help you choose the right product for your window and budget.

Q. Do you offer a measuring and fitting service?                                         
A. Yes we offer a professional measuring and fitting service.  Please contact us and we’ll look after everything.

Q. Do blackout blinds completely darken a room?                                     
A. Light will not pass through a blind made with blackout fabric, but light will always enter the room by coming in around the sides and over the top of the blind. Blackout blinds will help to darken a room but will not completely darken the room. A vertical blind made with blackout fabric, will always allow light to enter around the sides of each louvre.

Q. Do you sell washable fabrics?
A. Yes we have a wide range of washable fabrics.

Q. Are your blinds safe to install in children’s rooms?
Our blinds are all rigorously tested to make sure they’re safe around children and animals.  We are committed to providing ‘Child Safe” products, all our blinds are fitted with child safe devices and we comply fully with all aspects of current child safety regulations.

Q. What type of wood are your Wooden Venetian blinds made of?

A. Our Wooden Venetian blinds are made from basswood grown in sustainable forests.  We choose basswood as its strength and flexibility make it the perfect choice for Venetian blinds. The wood is kiln dried, which stabilises it, cut into slats then stained in different colours.