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Day and Night Blinds stand out for both their functionality and impressive design. These blinds are unique as they have two layers of fabric; one transparent layer along with a layer of a solid block colour. Becoming increasingly popular in today’s homes across Cork and indeed the country, Day and Night Blinds fill a dual purpose by ensuring both day and night-time privacy, essentially offering you two shades in one. They lend a unique multifunctional blend of sophistication and exuberance that brings alive a previously unknown spark to your interiors.


The first question many people ask about Day and Night Blinds is how exactly they are used. With Day and Night Blinds, the different layers of fabric are stacked on top of one another. You can pull the shade all the way down to have a sun filtering shade, or alternatively you can pull the shade up and have a blackout shade. You can also have half your window covered by one and half covered by another giving you flexibility in terms of light control as well as your view out the window, privacy for people looking in and even insultation.


Regulating Temperature – With Day and Night Blinds having both a transparent layer and a solid block colour layer, it is an excellent blind to regulate temperature both in Summer and Winter. It helps repel the heat in the warm Summer months, while in winter it helps to retain the heat in the room helping to regulate temperature all year round, and helping reduce bills also. 

Directing of Sunlight – Directing of sunlight is another advantage with Day and Night Blinds. What is the purpose of that, I hear you ask? It’s something that is regularly overlooked when selecting window blinds. Directing sunlight can not only illuminate a specific part of the room, such a potted plant or some object in the room to help stand out, but alternatively it can also make sections of the room darker and cooler which can be convenient if using screens to prevent glare or trying to prevent specific furniture from fading from the sun.

Privacy – Privacy is a very important feature to consider when selecting a window blind. Some blinds allow any passer by to see directly into your room, while other blinds may prevent this but also sacrifice sunlight. However, Day and Night blinds solve this issue. The transparent layer allows for sunlight to enter the room, while the solid block colour layer adds some privacy so a passer by cannot clearly see in from outside. 


Day and Night Blinds do require slightly more care in comparison to other blinds. However, you don’t need to go out of your way to maintain Day and Night blinds or pay too much, so they are quite desirable in that sense. Ordinarily, roller blinds can be subjected to harsh substances and cleaned in a rough way, but Day and Night blinds require a far more delicate approach. 


The solid block colour layer is what you need to consider when choosing the right Day and Night blind for you. This is the dominant colour you will see for your blind. Day and Night Blinds come in a variety of different colours, so whether you want to go for something subtle, want your blinds to stand out, or want them to match a certain colour / theme in your room you should be able to get the right colour Day and Night blind for you. 


To summarise, Day and Night Blinds are a very versatile style of blind used throughout the year no matter the season. They allow you to control the light entering the room and offer privacy without sacrificing the view out the window too much. They take slightly more time and effort to maintain but not expensive to do so, and with regular cleaning can last a long time. Overall, Day and Night blinds are an excellent window treatment choice for your home. 


If you have any questions on Day and Night blinds or questions on blinds in general please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.  Direct Blinds Cork can not only offer you expert advice on all the latest trends in window fashion, but we can also help you select the perfect styles and colours that will best suit your rooms and budget.

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