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Creating a Beach Style Home With Window Blinds

When you are someone who loves everything about the beach, then you are precisely dreaming of having a home that exudes an ambiance similar to it, right? When you want to create a beach style home, you can actually achieve it with the help of window blinds.

Window blinds as your home’s window treatment offers versatility. With the many types of window blinds available from different suppliers nowadays, you can surely find the best set that will not only complement with your abode’s general design but will also bring out its natural beach-y feel.

Achieving a beach style home is not only limited to a structure built near the coastline. It can likewise be a home kilometers away from the long stretch of naturally blue water and white sand.

For each nook in your home, you can design it in such a way that it will display a beach-like atmosphere. So read on to learn more about these practical tips and strategies.

Coastal Den

To design the bay windows of your coastal den, you may opt for woven wood sliding panels and woven bamboo vertical blinds in prints which could be the picture of flying cranes or the serene coastline. And if you have huge windows, you can try looking for woven wood Roman blinds.

Living Room

It is best that you pick neutral-colored furniture and furnishings for your living room. And to make it grand and beach-looking, you can install window blinds in ocean blue hue. You may also try printed roller blinds. Choose prints that characterize the beach – blue waves, star fishes and seashells, white sand, and sprawling beach line.


One major thing to keep in mind when designing your bathroom is to never make everything white, or else, you will have to watch your tiles, bath tub, and window treatment disappear all at once. Therefore, if your bathroom essentials are white, break the monotony by picking top-down bottom-up kind of window blinds that are made of bamboo or wood. You may also check on the available vinyl vertical blinds in brown or pastel colors.


If you want your kitchen to have a beach-like feel yet totally chic-looking, you can make everything in it, from furniture pieces to furnishings, plain. But your window blinds must be attractive enough to complete the design. For the kitchen of your beach-style home, you may look for oak-colored wood window blinds.

Windows Near the Patio

For the windows near the door leading to your patio or to the breakwater, you can use Roman blinds in brown or off-white shade depending on the color scheme of the said area. You have to ensure, though, that your window covering does not wash-out when combined with your decorations and furniture.


For your personal nook at home, choose bed sheets and pillow cases in blue or green prints like stripes. Meanwhile, select white vinyl window blinds to come up with a nautical atmosphere.

Since you have some tips in mind already, order blinds online now to start transforming your home into a beach-looking nook. Just keep in mind, of course, that in achieving a beach style home, your window blinds are not the end of it all since you also need to have furniture and furnishings that will help you design your abode the way you want it to be.

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