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Aluminum Window Blinds in Cork: The Advantages and Disadvantages

You might have already thought about using window blinds as your window treatment at home even from the start of your home improvement project. However, you are not familiar with its features that make it a good option.

To give you some insights on what these things are and before you hit the website of your potential supplier to order blinds online, we have gathered a few advantages and disadvantages. We are optimistic these will help you out in deciding.


1. Different sizes mean different options. Since aluminum window blinds, particularly venetian blinds Cork, are available in different sizes which means that whether you have small or large windows, you can still find the best size for your home.

2. Many colors to choose from. Homes are designed differently because it depends on the preference of the owner and the available budget. Sometimes, the location is also another consideration. But since window blinds in Cork are offered in varied colors, you can always check on which hues will surely complement with your home’s general motif and design.

3. Durability is another good feature. When you are looking for a window covering that is both durable (which makes it difficult to bend) and resistant to moisture, then the aluminum-made window blinds in Cork is the best choice for you. This is ideal to install in areas prone to moisture and dew like your patio, kitchen, and bathroom.

4. Affordable. Generally, window blinds are affordable. If you want a set of window treatment that is friendly to your pocket yet modern-looking, opt for aluminum window blinds in Cork.

5. Help you save on energy. Aluminum as a material is a good reflector of sun rays. Therefore, when you let yourself have aluminum window blinds, you can save on electricity because they will help you keep your room cold.


1. When it’s windy, it can be noisy. It is a known fact that when aluminum bangs on something, it can create some noise. Therefore, if it is too windy on the area where they are installed, you can expect some sound.

2. Customized features may be difficult to execute. If you want your aluminum window blinds to have special textures, like matte finish, your provider may not be able to execute it. And if they can, you need to pay more.

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