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5 Tips For Choosing Blinds

When you’re choosing blinds, it’s really important to choose the right style and design for your space. Whether you’re revamping a room or just updating old blinds, considering your window dressings carefully can make all the difference to your décor and to the feel of the room.

Here at Direct Blinds, we know what a big difference the right blinds or shutters can make, and we love to help our customers to find the best options for their homes. Our blinds and shutters come in a wide range of colours, materials and styles, so you can be sure that you’ll end up with the best design for your home and your lifestyle.

5 Things To Consider When Choosing Blinds

1. The impact on light in the room. If you’re looking for a solution that will block light out completely, in a bedroom, for example, you will need to think about the fabric you choose. We recommend BlocOut roller blinds that guarantee darkness in your sleeping area, or you could consider plantation shutters for a classic and beautiful light-blocking option.

2. The humidity in the room. A humid or damp atmosphere can ruin blinds very quickly, and if you’re looking for a suitable solution for your bathroom or kitchen, we would advise a fabric such as waterproof PVC or non-rusting metal. Wood, and more delicate fabrics such as silk, will quickly warp and mould.

3. The measurements you take. It can be tricky to measure for blinds, so ensure that you use a metal tape measure and measure in millimetres for a more precise result. Be clear about where your blind will sit and measure accordingly. If you are measuring for a blind that will sit in a recess, for example, you should measure the top, middle and bottom width of the recess, as well as the left, middle and right length of the drop. Talk to our experienced staff to simplify the process and ensure that your blinds are a great fit.

4. The way they must be cleaned. Cleaning blinds shouldn’t add to your housework, but some styles are harder to keep clean than others. Venetian blinds are easily wiped with a damp cloth, while PVC roller blinds are simple to wipe down. Some styles may require dusting or washing, and you can sometimes use a vacuum attachment for a good result, so seek advice on the styles you like before you make your choices.

5. The effect you want. Of course, a practical option that you do not like will not bring you joy, so consider the overall effect you would like and how the blind will fit into your decorative scheme. Whether you opt for a bold, statement fabric or a simple, classic option, your blind should enhance and improve your room so do not compromise on style!

Find Bathroom Blinds And Window Blinds In Cork

At Direct Blinds, we love helping our customers to find the perfect solutions for their windows, and we have something to suit every budget and style. We stock roller blindswood venetian blinds, blackout blinds and more, as well as plantation shutters for a classic and elegant look that adds value to your home.

Our friendly staff are always available to discuss your requirements and help you to work out what sort of blind will suit your space. Transform your home when you contact us online or call 021 435 4959 today

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