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5 Tips For Buying New Blinds

Are you redecorating or beginning to make a new home your own?

Choosing blinds or window dressings for each room is a very important process, and will give any space an instant facelift.

However, there are several factors to consider when you’re looking for new blinds, and we can help you to get it right.

Here at Direct Blinds, we have an excellent range of roller blinds, Venetian blinds, Roman blinds and shutters, and our experienced staff can help you to make the right choice for every room in your home. Our guide to buying new blinds gives you five areas to think about when you’re looking for the perfect new blinds or window dressings.

5 Tips To Buy New Blinds

Whether you’re looking to replace all the blinds in your house, or concentrating on one room at a time, the following factors are important to consider:

•    Environment. What is the environment like in the room you are choosing blinds for? If it is a space that is likely to get humid or wet, such as a bathroom or kitchen, you will need to avoid materials like real wood, which could warp quickly, and might want to consider a wipe-clean PVC roller blind for simplicity and practicality.

•    Style. Of course your personal preferences will influence your decision a great deal. You can choose styles such as Roman blinds, for a classic look, or Venetian blinds for a clean, sleek effect. Think about what you use the room for, and whether you are redecorating the whole room or need to fit your new blind to the existing colour scheme and theme. You can choose fabrics and designs to complement your decor, and we can colour match any shade.

•    Safety. Safety is an important aspect for any item that you bring into your home, especially if you have young children or pets. Blinds with cords present a strangulation risk and you should ensure that you choose cordless blinds or have safety devices fitted to all blinds to prevent accidents.

•    Climate. You will need to think about the climate in the room you are choosing blinds for, as this could influence your decision making process. If the room tends to get cold in the winter, for example, you may wish to consider BlocOut blinds that can help to retain heat in the room and save you money on your energy bills. If, however, your room often feels too hot, you might prefer a style such as a cool Roman blind that can be lowered to block out the sunshine on a hot day.

•    Budget. It is important to establish how much you are able to spend on your blinds or window dressings, and to find a solution that suits you within this range. If you are looking for a budget option, a practical roller blind could be perfect for you, but if you want to invest in your home, you could consider beautiful Plantation shutters for a classic and timeless effect.

Find Plantations Shutters And Roller Blinds In Ireland

At Direct Blinds, we can help you to find the very best roller blinds, Roman blinds and Venetian blinds for your home, so you can give your home a stunning facelift today.

Pop into your local store to talk to our experienced staff, contact us online or call 021 435 4959 today.

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