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Restyle your Bedroom with New Window Blinds
Posted: May 01, 1686

Everyone wants their bedroom to be a sleep haven, but did you ever consider the impact your window blinds have on making this a reality? Choosing the right bedroom window blinds can transform your bedroom to be everything you want it to be and more. But, before we go into the different options we’d recommend … on the edge of your seat? Read more!

Venetian Blinds – Real Wood or Faux Wood?
Posted: May 01, 1683

So, you have decided that Venetian blinds are the perfect blinds for your home. Great choice! However, your decision making is not finished there. With venetian blinds there are two options available: Real Wood and Faux Wood. In this blog we are going to take you through both options so you can make the best … on the edge of your seat? Read more!

Finding the perfect Kitchen Blinds for your home
Posted: May 01, 1680

Your kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in your home, regardless of whether you’re a Michelin star restaurant chef or not. We all like to gather in the kitchen, we eat our meals there, have a cup of tea with friends or family and all in all it’s usually the place to be in … on the edge of your seat? Read more!

The Do’s and Don’ts when choosing your Window Treatment
Posted: May 01, 1676

Here at Direct Blinds Cork, we like to think that window treatments are the jackets of the interior design world. Often, they can be the final thing people add to a room, but there’s no doubt that just like a jacket with an outfit, window treatments can help dress a room up or dress a … on the edge of your seat? Read more!

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